Manage my Android device

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If your Android device is missing, you can remotely locate, ring, wipe, or lock it from a web browser. If your device is lost or stolen, contact your G Suite administrator to find out if they should remotely wipe it.

There are two ways to remotely manage your Android device:

  • You can manage your device using Find My Device.
  • If the device has the Google Apps Device Policy app installed, you can sign in to your My Devices page. Your administrator doesn't have access to your My Devices page.
    Note: The maximum number of devices that can be displayed per G Suite account is 100.

You can only manage your device if it's turned on and connected to a network. For example, you can’t manage your device if it's in airplane mode.

Remotely manage your device
  1. Using your G Suite account information, sign in to your My Devices page.
  2. Click the device you need to manage and select from the following options:
    • Reset PIN: Resets the PIN you use to unlock your device.
    • Ring Device: Rings your device at a high volume for 5 minutes to help you locate it. Your device will ring, even if it's in silent mode or if the volume is turned off.
    • Lock Device: Locks your device with your PIN. This setting is useful if you lose your device and want to prevent unauthorized access.
      Note: For certain Android devices that have non-standard lock and screen timeout features, Lock Device just shuts off the screen.
    • Wipe Device: When you click Wipe Device, you will be asked to confirm that you want to remotely wipe your device. Your administrator needs to enable this setting for it to appear on your My Devices page.
      Note: You should always consult with your administrator before wiping your device, as it will erase your personal data, such as mail, calendar, and contacts. However, it might not delete data stored on your device's SD or removable storage card. Regardless, your G Suite data remains available through a web browser and on other authorized mobile devices. Only wipe your device if you think it's lost or stolen.
    • Locate: When you click Locate device now, your device is located in Google Maps. To determine your device's location, it must be turned on and connected to a network with location services turned on. Your location is only accessible on this page, and it's never shared with anyone else.
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