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Anyone else has Google domain verifications with XO Communications (www.xo.com) issues?

Domain Name: hiphousing.org
Edition: NPO
Users Affected: 
Problem Description: Unable to fully get Google domain verifications; Keep getting a Google unsuccessful email reminder
Steps to Reproduce:

1) 2013 August 5th (PST) - uploaded the "google9f47dded3d2e7c60.html" to www.hiphousing.org successfully.
2) Kicked off the manual verifications from Google Webmaster Center  with the Result of "Verification succeeded".
* I still get a Google robot email sweep around 2 am with a Google unsuccessful domain verification email reminder.

I.  Anyone else using XO Communications hosting services (www.xo.com) and having Google domain verification issues?  How did you fix the problem?

II.  I do not have the ability to change the Mx record or create TXT or CName records in the DNS Manager.  I am with the XO phone support to make changes for me.

Please advise.


-Bob  (I am a real person who also practices Tai Chi as in TaiChiBOB)

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Advisor Estefania
Advisor Estefania
Hello Bob,

Do you continue to have this problem? Were you able to figure it out?

What account were you using to try to verify the domain?

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2013 August 19th

As of today, I have not resolved the problem of Google Domain Verification for Google Mail (GMail).
I am login in as the Google Administrator and below is the result of the Webmaster Tools:

Use the table below to manage verified owners of your sites or add new sites to your account. Additional information about your verified sites is available at Webmaster Tools.

hiphousing.org     Verification details
http://www.hiphousing.org/     Verification details

X.O. Communications and www,register.com support want me to transfer the hiphousing.org domain name to Godaddy.   Will domain name transfer to Godaddy work for the Google domain verification SUCCESS ?
Advisor Estefania
Advisor Estefania
Hello there,

Please go to www.google.com/a and start a new Free Trial with your domain.

When you do a DNS lookup https://who.is/dns/hiphousing.org your Name Servers are pointing ns1.cnchost.com, ns2.cnchost.com.

Make sure that you have DNS access to modify the records. If you don't like your current domain host, maybe considering trasfering the domain to a better one would be good? GoDaddy is very friendly with Google Apps.

Hope this helps! :)

Google user
Google user
Problems Solved.  (2013 August 28th)
Scenario:  Register.com is the Domain Registrar; X.O. Communications is Web Hosting Provider
Solution:   Pay the fee to do a Domain Name Transfer from Register.com to Godaddy.com   (about 2 weeks of paperwork)

1) Grab the strings from Google Webmaster Tools
and do a Copy and Paste into your X.O. Communications "web" folder/subdirectory.
2) Insert into your organization's "index.html" file

Google Domain Verifications Successful with the following:
#1 HTML tag verification (OK)
#2 HTML file upload (OK)
#3 Google Analytic s (OK)
Both Add a TXT record AND Add a CNAME record did not work for me with the Advanced DNS Manager on X.O. end.
I wish to thank everyone for their help.

Best regards,

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