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Updated: Yesterday
New User Email Templates (Introducing user to G Suite) Trying to find an email template that we can send out to new employees (users) welcoming them to G S… GSuite Functionality is Declining - Google Products do not work with GSuite I administer two GSuite domains. I now find that despite being paying customers, we get less functio…
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Pinned messages In Google Groups How do I pin a message so that it shows up as the first message? So anyone help So anyway my cellphone has been hacked so please help
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Cannot login to my email because it says no access even though I am the admin of gsuite I have signed up for gsuite 2 days ago and opened a gsuite account with my domain. I created several…
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Switching from Gsuite to Gmail but keeping custom domain email Hi, I'm looking to move from Gsuite to Gmail as I don't really need the extra features in Gsuite. Ho…
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Can I use Google Play gift cards to pay for my G Suite bills I have tried in vain to speak to someone at G Suite to advise avoid free trial and start billing I want to start billing and stop the free trial.
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Upgrading then downgrading storage makes me loose 5GB! I had 21GB of storage, I bought 100GB for a month to try Google One, and now that I want to cancel i… Rs. 270/- debited from my Citi Bank credit card Pls let me know what is this charges Rs. 270/- debited from my Citi Bank credit card Pls let me know what is this charges (270.00 INR spe…
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I haven't been able to send or receive emails since Friday. Please help. I have emptied my trash/spam folder, but my account says that I have unlimited storage. I have check…
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HIPPA compliance when sending emails When sending emails from our GSuites (HIPPA Compliant) to a non-Google email server, will our inform…
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Why doesn't 'add names direct' work? Name & e-mail are in my gmail contacts & used to work-why? I used to be able to direct add names to the Google Group from the g-mail membership but his doesn't…
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Gruppi Google: vorrei aggiungere membri direttamente e cambiare i nomi visualizzati dei membri 1) In un gruppo di cui sono proprietario non riesco ad aggiungere direttamente i membri (a differenz…
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Can I use G Suite legacy free edition for a business? Hi. I have a G Suite legacy free edition and it offers several licenses (50+). This means I can set …
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Charged after I canceled my trial g suite account Hi I cancelled my trial g suite account during trial period and after the trial ends i was charged b… Still being charged for an account that was canceled at least 3 months ago Hello, I canceled my subscription to the Gsuite several months ago and I'm still charged. Can you st… Our payment failed - our administrator is out of country and we are trying to get payment to you. Our accountant tried to make a payment but said didn't have admin rights
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