Use Drive File Stream with Google mobile management

As an administrator, there are several things you should know about using Drive File Stream with your organization’s managed devices:

  • You can find information about the Drive File Stream installation in the Admin console. This can be useful when verifying the version number, last sync date, or the amount of offline data on a device.  You can also manage device access from here.
  • Drive File Stream does not prevent data theft. Users can copy data from Drive File Stream to non-secured areas like another hard drive partition.

Restrict Drive File Stream to authorized devices

To restrict Drive File Stream to devices registered as a company-owned:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, click Apps > G Suite > Settings for Drive and Docs > Features and Applications.

    To see Apps, you might have to click More controls at the bottom. Requires having the Drive and Docs administrator privilege.
  3. (Optional) At the left, select the organizational unit that you want to make settings for. To apply the settings to everyone, select the top-level organizational unit.

    Learn more about the organizational structure.

  4. Select Only allow Drive File Stream on authorized devices.


“Your administrator has restricted Drive File Stream access to authorized devices.”

If your users are seeing this error message when trying to use Drive File Stream:
  • Ensure the device has not been deleted and that it is approved
  • If the Requires Admin approval setting is on, then you will need to approve the device before the user can access your organization’s data.

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