Domain already registered

If you try to sign up your domain for Google Apps and receive the message "Already registered," try these steps:

  • Did you already register this domain name? If yes, please try resetting the administrator password. An email will be sent to the secondary email provided when signing up.
  • Did you recently purchase this domain name? A previous owner of the name may have registered it for Google Apps. Go through the steps to reset the administrator password using the domain verification method.
  • Have you used this domain as a domain alias on another Google Apps account? If so, remove the domain alias, and then sign up for a separate Google Apps account.
  • Check with other members of your organization who may have already registered this domain name.
  • Did you recently delete your domain? It takes seven days for a deleted domain to leave our system. You'll be able to sign up again once seven days have passed.
  • Did you recently sign up for Google Apps and not verify domain ownership? If your domain has not been verified for more than 2-3 weeks from the day you signed up for Google Apps, your domain will automatically be removed from our system. Please wait for five days and try to sign up for a new account with your domain.


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