Transfer your account from a reseller

Applies to editions of Google Workspace and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

If a Google reseller bills you directly for your account, you can transfer account management—either directly to Google or to a different reseller.

To find an authorized reseller in your area, use the Google Partner Search Directory.

If you’ve prepaid any account charges to your current reseller, before you transfer your account to a different reseller, read about how refunds work (below).

Transfer your account to Google

To transfer the management of your account directly to Google, contact your reseller. For the steps your reseller needs to take, go to Transfer a customer to Google.

Transfer your account to a different reseller

If your current reseller provides full support and has access to your account, they can generate the transfer token for you.

To transfer the management of your account to a reseller, Google needs a transfer token. The token associates your account with your reseller. To get your transfer token:

  1. Ask the new reseller for their public identifier.
  2. Go to Retrieve Transfer Token.
  3. Sign in using your managed Google Account username and password.
  4. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Under Enter Reseller's Public Identifier, enter the public identifier for the reseller.
  6. Click Confirm Reseller Identifier.
  7. Verify the domain name and business name match the new reseller you want to transfer to.
  8. Click Generate Transfer Token.
  9. Click Copy Code.
  10. Give the token’s alphanumeric code to your new reseller, who can complete the transfer for you.

Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated. If your token expires, sign in again and repeat the steps above.

How refunds work for reseller-to-reseller transfer

If you’ve prepaid any account charges to your current reseller and want to transfer your account to a different reseller, your refund option depends on your billing plan with your original reseller:

  • If you’re on the Annual Plan with Yearly payment, you’ve already paid for the year in full. No refund is possible.
  • If you’re on a different plan but have prepaid your reseller, a refund of overpaid charges is possible at the reseller’s discretion.
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