Transfer a subscription to a reseller

Applies to editions of Google Workspace and other paid subscriptions in your Google Admin console.

If Google bills you directly for your Google Workspace or Cloud Identity subscription, you can transfer subscription management to a Google reseller. A reseller can manage subscriptions for your organization and provide services, such as deployment, support, and work transformation.

Find an authorized reseller

To find an authorized reseller in your area, search for a Google Cloud partner.

How transfers work

  • Super administrators in your organization get an email with details about the transfer.
  • Transfers are non-reversible.
  • If you transfer a Google Workspace subscription, the associated Cloud Billing account does not automatically transfer.
  • Transfers don't affect your data or availability. (You can use Google services as usual during a transfer.)

If you have a G Suite subscription to transfer

  • G Suite Business and G Suite Basic subscriptions will be upgraded to Google Workspace subscriptions at the time of transfer. Contact a reseller for options and pricing.
  • If you have multiple G Suite editions, contact a Google Sales representative to perform the transfer for you.

What access does the reseller have to my account?

  • For subscriptions purchased from a reseller—When you transfer subscriptions, your reseller can add or remove users, update user passwords, edit organizational units, and manage other settings.
  • For subscriptions purchased from Google—After a transfer, if you continue to have subscriptions purchased directly from Google, you can give your reseller access to those subscriptions to manage licensing and other services. Get the reseller's permission before you give them access. If you grant access, the reseller will have access to these Admin console services.

For more information about a reseller's access to your account, including restricting or granting access, go to Change a reseller's access to your Admin console.

Reseller options during the transfer

After your transfer is complete, your reseller has billing and license options when setting up the new reseller-managed subscription. Contact your reseller to discuss the options.

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Options with billing plans & free trials

Subscriptions currently on a Flexible Plan

The reseller chooses a Flexible Plan or Annual Plan (either version). The Annual Plan option is not available for add-on services, such as Google Vault.

Subscriptions currently on an Annual Plan

  • For all plans, the reseller can choose a new Annual Plan (either monthly or yearly payments).
  • If it's within 30 days of the subscription's renewal date, the reseller can choose an Annual Plan (either version) or a Flexible Plan.

Subscriptions in a 30-day free trial

If you complete a 30-day trial, you can only transfer to a new, reseller-managed subscription. If you’re still in your trial and you transfer to a reseller, the reseller can transfer the subscription to:

  • Another 30-day trial
  • A new subscription
Options for user license requirements

A new subscription must have a number of licenses greater than or equal to the previous commitment. For example, if your current commitment is 200 user licenses, the reseller can’t reduce the commitment to 150 user licenses during the transfer.

Exception: For subscriptions on an Annual Plan and within 30 days of the end of your term, the reseller can reduce the number of licenses.

How billing works after the transfer

Up to the transfer date, Google bills you directly for your subscription.

After your reseller completes the transfer, the subscription becomes a new subscription. The reseller bills you from that point on, not Google.

If your transfer completes any day other than the first of the month, you receive 2 bills for that month:

  • One from Google, for the dates before the transfer
  • One from the reseller, for the dates starting when your transfer was complete

After that, you only receive one bill from the reseller.

For Google Workspace or Cloud Identity Premium, the billing impacts of the transfer depend on your previous billing plan. For more information, contact your reseller.

What if I’m on an Annual Plan?

  • If you make monthly payments—Google charges you directly until the transfer date. The charge represents the remaining balance of your contract, calculated on a prorated basis.
  • If you make yearly payments—After the transfer, you do not receive a refund for the prepaid period of service.

Generate a transfer token

You need to generate a transfer token to authorize a reseller to take over management of your account. If you have multiple Google Workspace subscriptions and you want to transfer only some of them, you still need to generate a token.

Before you begin: Ask the reseller for their 9-character public identifier.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using an account with super administrator privileges (does not end in

  2. Go to Retrieve Transfer Token.
  3. Enter the identifier you got from your reseller, and then click Confirm Reseller Identifier.

    The "enter reseller public identifier" dialog is shown

  4. Review the terms and conditions, and then click Generate Transfer Token.
  5. Let your reseller know that you’ve generated the token, and they will begin the transfer.
    You don’t need to copy the token or send it to your reseller.

Troubleshoot transfer issues

If the reseller can’t complete the transfer, sign in again and repeat the steps above. Transfer issues can happen if:

  • Your token expires. Tokens expire 30 days after being generated.
  • You make any changes to your subscriptions (such as canceling a subscription) after generating the token but before the reseller completes the transfer.

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