Use the Meet touchscreen

Get started with Hangouts Meet hardware

When you create a meeting invitation using Google Calendar and add a specific meeting room, the meeting is displayed on the Hangouts Meet hardware touchscreen in that room.

You can use the touchscreen to join meetings, control audio and video, and more.

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Join meeting and add participants

Join a video meeting

To join a scheduled meeting, choose an option:

  • Tap the meeting code (Hangouts Meet) or meeting name (classic Hangouts).
  • Get the meeting code or name from the meeting invitation. Tap Use a meeting code and enter the meeting code or name. You need to do this if the meeting is marked private in Calendar or if the room you're using hasn't been added to the meeting invitation.

To join an unscheduled meeting:

Hangouts Meet:

  1. Tap Start a new meeting.
  2. Share the joining information with the people you’re meeting.
  3. Tap Join.

Classic Hangouts:

  1. Create a video call name and share it with the people you're meeting.
  2. Tap Use a meeting code and enter the video call name.
  3. Tap Join.
Add someone to a video meeting
  1. Tap Add people Add people.
  2. Enter the email of the new participant.
  3. Tap Send invite.
Add someone by phone
  • Your G Suite administrator must enable the Call a Phone feature in the Google Admin console. For more information, see Change settings for all devices. Calls to emergency services are not supported.
  • Your Meet hardware must be located in specific countries
  • Calls must be to the U.S. and Canada only.

Participants invited by phone will join as audio-only attendees. They will not have video and cannot share their screen. 

To add someone by phone to a video meeting:

  1. Tap Add people Add people.
  2. Tap Call Call.
  3. Enter the phone number for the person you want to call.
  4. (Optional) To open the keypad to enter additional numbers, such as an extension, select the phone number from the participant list and then tap Dial Dial.
  5. If you need to hang up, select the phone number from the participant list and then tap End call 
Allow people to join a meeting

Participants can join Hangouts Meet video meetings using a meeting code, dial-in phone number, or pin code. To see this information for the current meeting, tap View meeting details.

Control audio and video

See and control participants

During a video meeting, you can see the list of participants on the touchscreen. To control their participation, tap one of the following options:

Mute Mute If you mute a participant, you cannot unmute them. They need to unmute themselves. 
Pin Pin If you pin a participant, they will always be shown on the display in the room regardless of who is speaking.
Remove Remove If you remove a participant, they need to be re-invited in the video meeting to rejoin.
Control volume and mute
  • To adjust the speaker volume in the room, drag the volume control.
  • To mute the room, tap Turn off microphone Turn off microphone.
  • To unmute the room, tap Turn on microphone Turn on microphone.
Control the camera
  • To turn off the room camera, tap Turn off camera Turn off camera.
  • To turn on the room camera, tap Turn on camera Turn on camera.
  • To manually control the camera, tap Control camera Control camera and see Camera options below.
Camera options Option controls
Pan left and right Tap the Left arrow Left arrow and Right arrow Right arrow.
Tilt up and down Tap the Up arrow Up arrow and Down arrow Down Arrow.
Zoom in and out Tap Zoom in Zoom in and Zoom out Zoom out.
Recenter the camera

Tap Reset.

Autozoom camera control (beta)

If 2 cameras are connected to the Hangouts Meet hardware, autozoom and manual Pan Tilt Zoom are not available. Your G Suite administrator needs to turn on the autozoom feature before you can use it in a video meeting.

You can set the Meet camera to automatically zoom in on all the meeting participants in a room. To turn autozoom on or off, tap Control Camera and then Turn off or Turn on.

Seeing all the participants in the room up close makes it easier to:

  • Read facial expressions and body language.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Smoothly take turns in the conversation.
Record a meeting (Hangouts Meet only)

Available to meeting organizers with G Suite Enterprise.

Your G Suite administrator needs to turn on recording in the Google Admin console before you can use it in a video meeting.

Note: To record a meeting, the creator of the meeting must have recording turned on for their G Suite Enterprise account. You can learn more about Meet settings, including record settings by reading the article, Start Using Meet.

To record a meeting:

  1. Start the meeting.
  2. Tap Record meeting.
  3. Get consent from all participants and tap Start Recording.
  4. (Optional) To see the list of meeting participants, tap Close.
  5. When the meeting is over, tap Stop recording and Stop recording again to confirm. A link to the recording is emailed to the meeting organizer.


Present using an HDMI cable

You can use the display in the room to present content, such as slides, animations, video, and audio, from your laptop computer using the green HDMI cable attached to the touchscreen. 

To share content if you're not in a Hangouts Meet video meeting:

Connect the HDMI cable to your device. The HDMI connector will immediately present your screen and audio only to people in the room. If you join the meeting, you can present to everyone in the meeting.

To share content in a Hangouts Meet video meeting: 

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to your device.
  2. Tap Present to meeting Present to meeting.

For more ways to present content, go to Present to a video call.

View chat messages (Hangouts Meet only)
  • New chat messages are shown as notifications on the display (not on the touchscreen).
  • Tap Chat to view a chat during the meeting.
  • Tap Chat history to see the previous chat messages for the meeting on the display screen in the room. You can only see chat messages on the display. You cannot use the touchscreen to respond.
Present camera to all (classic Hangouts only)

To force the video feed from the room onto everyone’s display, tap Present Camera to All.


Manage your settings

Tap Settings Settings to see the following options:

Setting Description
  • To select a microphone, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow and select a microphone from the list.
  • To select a speaker, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow and select a speaker from the list.


To select a camera, tap the Down arrow Down Arrow and select a camera from the list.

  • To turn live captions on or off, tap On On or Off Off .

  • To turn spoken feedback on or off, tap On On or Off Off .

Note: You can turn spoken feedback on and off at any time. Using 2 fingers, touch and hold any area of the screen for 2 seconds. To select specific items on the screen, such as a button, touch and hold the item with one finger and tap with another.

  • To refresh the display and touchscreen, tap Refresh
  • To restart the Hangouts Meet hardware kit, tap Restart.
  • To view Open-source licences, tap View.
Send feedback

To send feedback about your experience, tap Feedback.

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