Get started with Calendar Interop

As an administrator, you can use Calendar Interop to allow Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar to work together. Once you set up Calendar Interop, your users can view the availability status of other users in both calendar systems.

Support for OAuth 2.0: Calendar Interop now supports OAuth 2.0 for Exchange Online (Office 365). Microsoft previously announced that on October 13, 2020 Office 365 will move from Basic Authentication for Exchange Web Services (EWS) to OAuth 2.0.

Set up Calendar Interop

  1. Check the system requirements

    First, make sure you meet all system requirements for Calendar Interop. Learn more

  2. Determine whether to use a domain alias

    Decide whether you need to use a domain alias with your Calendar Interop set up. Learn more

  3. Allow Calendar users to see Exchange availability data

    Complete the steps to allow Calendar users to view the availability of Exchange users. Learn more

  4. Allow Exchange users to see Google Calendar availability data

    Set up Google Calendar availability sharing to allow Exchange users to view the availability of Calendar users. Learn more

  5. Verify the user availability setup

    Before you begin using Calendar Interop, you should verify you set it up correctly. Learn more

  6. (Optional) Allow Calendar users to book Exchange resources

    Let your Calendar users schedule meetings that use Exchange calendar resources, such as meeting rooms. Learn more

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