Set up Calendar Interop

Decide whether to use a domain alias

Consider whether your setup requires a Google Workspace domain alias. If it does, you need to complete additional steps to use the domain alias with Calendar Interop.

When do I need to use a domain alias?

Use a domain alias if your Microsoft Exchange and Google Workspace users have overlapping email addresses (for example, the email domain is for both Google Workspace and Exchange users). Exchange decides where to direct availability requests based on the domain name. There’s a conflict if the domain name used on Exchange for Google Workspace users is the same as the domain used by Exchange users. You should use a domain alias to make sure the availability address space points to Google Workspace, not Exchange.

Moving forward:

  • If you need to use a domain alias, complete the setup steps below.
  • If you aren't using a domain alias, proceed to next steps.

Use a domain alias with Calendar Interop

  1. Set up your domain alias. Make sure the alias domain name you choose doesn't match the email domain used by your Exchange users. For details, go to Add multiple domains or domain aliases.
  2. Make sure you set up the alias domain's MX records in the DNS settings. For details, go to Set up MX records for Google Workspace email.
  3. To verify mail is going to the alias address, send a test message from your Exchange server to a user’s alias address.
  4. Before proceeding to next steps, make sure to use the alias domain in the following situations:
    1. When setting up mail contacts for a Google Workspace user on Exchange—The contact's primary email address (the address shown in bold text in Exchange) should be on the alias domain. For details, go to Set up your Google Workspace users.

      Note: You can add the original Exchange email address of the contact as an additional SMTP address for the contact.

    2. When adding a new availability space in Exchange—Use the alias domain when prompted in the configuration tool. For details, go to Add an availability address space to Exchange.

Next steps

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