Update a user profile

The easiest way to update a user profile is in the Google Admin console. You can include profile information when you add a user. Or update a user profile as described below. If you turn on the global Directory, users can find each other's profiles in their contact manager or when typing in address fields.

What you can update

Examples of profile information you can add, edit, or delete in the Admin console are:

  • Secondary email address—An address where the user can be reached outside your domain
  • Phone numbers and physical addresses
  • Employee ID, employee type, and title
  • Manager email, department, and cost center

The following fields are important for use in contact display and calendar room bookings:

  • Organization
  • Department
  • Job title
  • Manager
  • Location
  • Websites

You can also change a user's primary email address and display name. See Rename a user.

Other ways to update the profile

For a complete list of the profile information you can manage and how to update it using the Directory API, see the G Suite Admin SDK, Directory API Reference. You can also use Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) to manage user profile information. See Sync user data with Active Directory or an LDAP server for more information.

How profile information is displayed

You can see user profile information when you hover over a user's name in many G Suite apps on the web:

Contact information is also displayed on the web and in mobile apps, available in many places when you click or tap on a face or name.

Calendar automatic room booking

Calendar will use a user’s desk location to intelligently suggest meeting rooms. If you have defined buildings, features, and resources in Calendar, then you can add a desk location in user profiles. When setting a meeting, Calendar will suggest rooms that are close to the user, have the right meeting room size to fit guests, and have audio/visual equipment to support calls across sites.

Update a profile in the Admin console

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in @gmail.com).

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Users.
  3. In the Users list, find the user. If you need help, see Find a user account.
  4. Click the user’s name to open their account page.
  5. Click User information.
  6. Click any of the following sections to edit the user's profile information:
    • Contact information—Secondary email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses
    • Email aliases—Additional email addresses
    • Employee information—ID, job title, employee type, manager email, department, and cost center
    • Custom attribute fields—If you or another admin created custom attributes for user profiles, enter or edit their values

      Select the category you need to change

      Tip: Once you add information to a field, another field appears to let you add another entry. Specify details of an entry, such as Home or Work, by clicking the menu at the right. Delete an entry by clicking Remove Remove on the right. 

  7. At the bottom right, click Save.
  8. (Optional) To return to the user’s account page, at the top right, click the Up arrow Up arrow .

It might take up to 24 hours for your changes to appear in the global Directory.

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