Assist users of managed iOS devices

If you have the legacy free edition of G Suite, upgrade to G Suite Basic to get this feature. 

You can set up and manage Google endpoint management for iOS devices so that G Suite users can use a corporate account with their iOS device more securely. Depending on the level of management you choose when you set up mobile device management, users might need to install a device policy app or security profile on their device. 

Troubleshoot problems with managed iOS devices

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Common issues for iOS Sync
  • Device is blocked.

    Select the device in the Manage Devices page and mark it Approved.

  • Device not syncing

    Delete the device from the Manage Devices page.

  • Pending approval

    Select the device and click Approve.

  • Sync disabled on device

    Go to the Device Management Settings page and Enable iOS sync.

Google Device Policy alert messages

If a user wants to use a corporate account on an iOS device and you set policies to be enforced for iOS devices, they need to register the device with Google endpoint management. If the iOS device is not compliant with a device policy, the user receives an alert in the following instances:

  • The Device Policy profile is not registered with mobile management.
  • Device is registered but pending an approval from the administrator.
  • Device registration is still in progress.
  • Device is blocked by the administrator.
  • Device has not synced with Google endpoint management for more than 24 hours.
  • Administrator has disabled the sync for all iOS devices.
  • The device is jailbroken—a process that removes restrictions on a device.
Frequently asked questions
  • How do I unregister the device?

    To unregister the device, see Manage the Device Policy app. If a user unregisters their device, it will be listed as unprovisioned on the Mobile devices page.

  • How do I set up the Apple Push Certificate?

    For more information, see Apple Push Certificate Setup.

  • I only want iOS Sync for a certain group in my domain. Can I enforce iOS Sync on an individual or group-level basis?

    Yes. You can create organizational units and enforce specific device policies for members of each organizational unit. For more information, see How the organizational structure works.

  • Where is iOS Sync available?

    iOS Sync is available in all countries where G Suite is available.

  • How do I remotely wipe a device?

    See Remove corporate data from a mobile device.

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