About Google Device Policy for iOS

This article only applies to Google Workspace and Education customers. Learn more about Google Workspace.

Google Device Policy for Apple iOS 9 and later devices allows you to install free apps whitelisted by your administrator as managed apps on your device.


  • iOS 9 or later device
  • Google Workspace account
  • iTunes account
  • Safari must be enabled. (If you disabled Safari, you can reenable it in your device settings at Settingsand thenGeneraland then Restrictions).

What you can do with the Device Policy app

  • Install managed apps—In Apps, you can install any of the whitelisted apps. When you install an app from the list of whitelisted apps, your iTunes account isn’t charged.
  • Sync your device—Go to Status and you can see when your device last successfully synchronized with the server. To manually sync your device to ensure that you have the most up-to-date list of apps, you tap Sync Now.

Learn how to download and set up the Device Policy app on your iOS device.

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