Change your primary domain

When you sign up for a Google enterprise product, you provide an Internet domain name that becomes the primary domain associated with your Google account. You and your users get account names and email addresses at this domain. And you can host your business web site, built in Google Sites, at this domain.

If you get a new domain name that you want to use with Google services, you can add the domain to your Google account to give users an email address or account at that domain. But you can't make it the primary domain. Nor can you swap any other domain you've added to your account with the primary domain.

To use a new domain as your primary domain, you must create a new account for the domain and migrate your users and their data to the new account.

Do I really need a new primary domain? Depending on how you want to use the domain, you might be able to simply add it as a domain or domain alias, which is a lot easier than creating a whole new account. See your options below.
We just want email addresses at the new domain
If you just want your current users to be able to send mail using an address at the new domain, add it as a domain alias and leave your primary domain as is.They'll still have to sign in to their services using their account name at the old domain. But they can send and receive mail using an address at the new domain (as well as from the old domain). For details, see Give users an address at another domain.
We also want account names at the new domain

To change your users' account names to the new domain, add the domain as a separate domain. Then move users from their current domain to the new domain. After that, users can sign in to their services using an account name at the new domain. They get an email address at the new domain (and no longer have their old email address). And they can otherwise use the new account name just like they did their old one.

Google Play Developer accounts? If a Google Play Developer account is associated with a user account name you want to change to use a new domain, please note that the Developer account will be orphaned after making the change. To maintain access to the apps in the previous Google Play Developer account, you'll need to create a new Google Play Developer account using your new user account name and request an applications transfer for apps in the previous account.

To get started, see Add users from another domain.

We want new web addresses

To create web addresses at the new domain, such as, or to host your business web site built in Google Sites at the now domain, as in, you'll have to create a new account for the domain.

To create a new Google account and migrate your users' data:

  1. Sign up for Google Apps using your new domain name.
    The domain name you sign up with can't be associated with this or any other Google account, either as a domain or domain alias. If it is, you must remove the domain before creating the new account.
  2. Add your users to the new account.
    Using the subscription billing model? If you've purchased a subscription for users in your current account, you can't transfer the subscription to the new account. Instead, you'll be charged for users you add to the new account as well as for your current subscription. To avoid paying for the same users in two accounts, disable automatic renewals on your current account and create the new account at the end of your current subscription.
  3. Migrate your data to the new account.

    Use one of the email migration options to transfer mail from your old domain's account to your new account. Export any documents, spreadsheets, and presentations you want to retain and upload them into your new domain, or share them with a user account in the new domain and copy them.

    Note: We don't offer migration options for Google Sites. Instead we recommend the following:
    1. Create a back up for the content in Google Drive and recreate the site once you register with the new domain name.
    2. Add the new domain admin as owner of the site and then copy it inside of the new domain.
    3. For those using the Sites API, you can go here for the migration options that are available to you:
  4. Once all of your data has been transferred or backed up, delete the Google account for your old domain. It takes 24 hours for the account to be removed from our system.

  5. (Optional) Add the old primary domain to your new Google account.

    If you want to retain the old primary domain as a non-primary domain in your Google account, add it to the new account.

Using a trial domain? If you signed up for a trial domain and want to convert it to a custom domain you own, you can do that without having to create a new account. For details, see Convert a trial domain to a custom domain.
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