Alternatives to changing your primary domain

When you sign up for Google Workspace or Cloud Identity, you provide a domain name that becomes the primary domain associated with your account. You and your users get usernames and email addresses at this domain.

Do I really need a new primary domain?

Changing your primary domain isn't always necessary—and it's an involved process. Depending on your needs, you might simply add your other domain as a domain alias or an additional domain.

Changing your primary domain is generally only necessary if you:

  • Would like your users to sign in to their accounts using a new primary domain name. 
  • Lose ownership of your old domain and would like to remove it from your account.
  • Would like consistent branding in Drive shares and Calendar invites, which always shows the primary email address of the user.
  • Use Google App Engine, which signs in user accounts on the primary domain.

Can I change the primary domain for my account?  

You can change the primary domain of some Google Workspace and Cloud Identity editions.

You cannot change your primary domain if: 

Contact support for assistance with these services:

  • Support for Google Meet hardware 
  • Support for Google Workspace for Nonprofits 
  • Support for a standalone offline Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, a standalone Chrome Education Upgrade, a Chrome Enterprise trial, and for a Chrome Browser Cloud Management subscription


We just want email addresses at the new domain

To send and receive mail using an address at a new domain, add the domain as a domain alias. Users still sign in to their account at the old domain, but they can send and receive mail with addresses at either their new or old domain.

To get started, follow the steps at Add multiple domains or domain aliases.

We really want a new primary domain

Review the requirements and follow the steps in Change your primary domain.  



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