Manage domain registration renewals

If you purchase a domain through Google while signing up for Google services, your domain ownership is valid for one year. After that, you must renew your domain registration to keep owning the domain. For domains purchased through Google, in the Admin console, you can set up automatic renewal of your domain registration. You can also turn off automatic renewals if you no longer want to manage your domain through Google.

Avoid suspension. Set your domain purchased through Google to automatically renew, as described below. Also make sure your payment method is valid and up-to-date. Otherwise, your Google services might be suspended and you might lose domain ownership.

Set your domain registration renewal option

If you purchased your domain through Google Domains, skip these steps and see below.

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Billing.
  3. Next to your Domain Registration subscription, click the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  4. Next to Renewal options, click Change.
  5. Choose an option:
    • Auto-Renew my contract (Recommended)—Automatically renews your domain 7 days before its actual renewal date. Your primary payment method is charged for the renewal at the beginning of the following month. Your Google services continue uninterrupted.
    • Cancel my service at the end of my term—Lets the domain registration expire at its renewal date and suspends your Google services at that time.

Domain purchased through Google Domains

If you purchased your domain through Google Domains, you manage your registration through your G Suite or Cloud Identity Premium account. In this case, your domain is set to renew automatically and you can't change this option from your Admin console.

If you don't want your domain registration to renew automatically, you need to cancel your domain billing subscription with G Suite or Cloud Identity Premium, then set up billing directly with Google Domains. During billing subscription setup, you can turn off automatic domain registration renewal.

For steps, see move your domain billing subscription to Google Domains.


Can I pay for several years at once?

No. You can’t pay for multiple years at once, nor can you renew your domain before its annual renewal date. If your domain is set to automatically renew and your payment method is valid, we’ll renew your domain for you and your Google services will continue uninterrupted.

Can I renew my domain after it expires?

Maybe. It depends how long it’s been since your registration expired. See Renew an expired domain registration.

Can I transfer my domain to a different host?

Yes, moving your domain to a new host allows you to manage it outside of the Google Admin console. Make sure the transfer process is complete before your domain renewal or end-of-term date. You can find this date in the Billing section of the Admin console under Domain Registration. See transfer your domain from a G Suite partner host for details.

Can I get a refund if I didn’t mean to renew my domain?

It depends on your subscription. If your Domain Registration subscription is set to automatically renew and the renewal date has passed, you can’t receive a refund for payments. However, if you turn off automatic renewal during the 7 days prior to your expiration date, but we’ve already charged you for the renewal, you may qualify for a refund. To qualify, you must cancel your Domain Registration subscription and contact Google within 7 days of the renewal date.

Need more help?

If you followed the steps above but still have questions about renewing your domain, contact Google.

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