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Avoid Calendar use limits

Google sets use limits to protect Google Calendar users, admins, and organizations from abusive behavior. If a user in your organization performs an action too many times, that user encounters a limit, which means that they can’t repeat that action for a few hours. 

When determining these limits, we aim to accommodate the typical activity of Calendar users. When 60 days pass after you convert a free account to a paid account, limits on your use of Calendar may go up, accommodating more activity.

Cases where tighter activity limits apply

To protect users from spam, we don't publicize the exact limits where stricter ones apply. Subscription-account limits are much higher than those for:

  • Paid subscriptions up to 60 days after meeting the payment threshold
  • Trial accounts
  • Users of the legacy free edition of G Suite
  • Customers of Google for Nonprofits

If you hit a limit… 

You can: 

Change trial limits to subscription-account limits

Your use limits don’t automatically change after you convert to a paid account. Make sure to take these steps in this order:

  1. Buy your domain.
  2. Pay the cumulative equivalent of at least $100 USD more than the cost of your domain. For details, go to Make a manual payment or pay early.
  3. Wait 60 days.

Then, your limits may go up.

Follow use guidelines for paid accounts

After buying your domain and hitting the $100 USD and 60-day threshold, expect these limits:

Limit Time to replenish
If users create more than 100,000 events during a short period, their ability to create a large amount of events is reduced. They also might not be able to edit events for a few hours. Possibly several months
Do not create more than 60 calendars in a short period. Possibly several hours
To prevent spamming, Calendar limits the number of invitations a user can send to external guests. If a user sends 10,000 invites to people outside of their primary or secondary domain in a short period, their ability to send external invitations is throttled. They might not be able to send any invitations to people outside their organization for a few hours. Possibly several days

To prevent spamming, a user can send about 2,000 emails to external guests using the Email guests feature.

Using this feature with users in your primary or secondary domain does not count toward this limit.
Within 24 hours
Do not share calendars with many users in a short period (750 shares). Possibly several hours

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