Support for Google+

As a G Suite core service, Google+ provides the same technical support and service level commitments as all core services. See how to contact G Suite support for questions or clarifications. Note: Google+ is not a core service in G Suite for Education. It is contained in Additional Google services.

Before you contact support about an issue with Google+, we recommend that you first check the Google+ Help Center for users and the known issues page to see whether you can resolve your issue or if we are already addressing it.

Supported components

Google provides customer support for the following Google+ components only: 

  • Abuse and name violation
  • Administrator Settings
  • Autocomplete
  • Collections
  • Communities
  • End user account locked out
  • Events - View and delete only, using the latest Android app
  • Google+ Domains API
  • Mobile app
  • Notifications
  • People (Circles)
  • Posts
  • Profiles
  • Search
  • Sharing
  • User Interface
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