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Compare Gmail features

Gmail features and capabilities are different depending on which G Suite edition you have.

Use the tables to compare:

Email usage

  G Suite Enterprise G Suite Business G Suite Basic
Email storage (shared with documents and photos) Unlimited * Unlimited * 30 GB
Attachment size limit 25 MB 25 MB 25 MB
Maximum recipients per message 500 500 500
Maximum recipients/day per user (outside your domain) 3,000 3,000 3,000

* G Suite Business or G Suite for Education accounts with fewer than 5 users get 1 TB per user.

Addresses and mailing lists

  G Suite Enterprise G Suite Business G Suite Basic
Your email address (you@yourcompany.com)
Additional addresses per user (sales@yourcompany.com)
Addresses at multiple domains
Mailing lists (administrator controlled)
Mailing lists (user controlled)

Email security and business controls

  G Suite Enterprise G Suite Business G Suite Basic
Junk email filtering and virus blocking
Gmail ads turned off
Custom filtering and content policies
Email retention policies
IP address whitelisting
User-managed blacklists
Enforced compliance footers
Email/IM search, retention, eDiscovery (Google Vault) ✘ *
Gmail data loss prevention (see note below)
Gmail log search in BigQuery
Gmail integration with third-party archiving tools
S/MIME encryption for email

* Google Vault is available with G Suite Basic as a paid add-on.


As of Jan 31, 2017, Gmail data loss prevention (DLP) is available only with G Suite Enterprise. Customers who are licensed with G Suite Business on Mar 31, 2017 can continue to use Gmail DLP until Jan 31, 2020, provided they continuously renew their G Suite Business license during that time period.​


Access options

  G Suite Enterprise G Suite Business G Suite Basic
Supported browsers
Mobile phones and tablets
Offline mail and Docs editors
IMAP and POP mail support
Microsoft® Outlook®support

Migration services

  G Suite Enterprise G Suite Business G Suite Basic
Migrate data using the Admin console
Mail, contacts and calendar migration from Exchange, IBM® Notes®, and other webmail hosts
Email import from webmail host
Multi-user import from Microsoft Exchange®
Multi-user import from IBM Notes

Administrative controls

  G Suite Enterprise G Suite Business G Suite Basic
Option to disable IMAP/POP access

Other email delivery options

  G Suite Enterprise G Suite Business G Suite Basic
Catch-all address
Email routing (user and domain level)
Inbound gateway
Outbound gateway (for entire domain)
Outbound relay server (for alternative From: addresses)
Receive mail from multiple POP addresses (Mail Fetcher)
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