User access to Marketplace apps

After you deploy an app, your users will see it listed along with the other apps in the user hub ( when they sign in. Most installable applications are available immediately after deployment. In some cases, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before the application is displayed in the app launcher in the Google bar.

Your users simply click the link for an app to use it:

  • If the app opens in the context of your company's Google Apps account (for example, domain/#inbox), users click the app name.
  • If the app requires users to log in to a separate web site, users click the URL for that site.


Most apps are also available from the app launcher in the Google One bar that is displayed at the top of the page in each Google App (e.g., in Mail, Calendar, Drive). Click More to display a list of additional apps:
More menu in the App launcher in the Google One bar