Moderate Chat and Gmail messages

This article is for administrators who manage their organization's Google Workspace or Cloud Identity account.

With the Moderation Tool Google Workspace you can review and act on content intercepted or reported in Workspace applications, such as Chat and Gmail. You can also provide access to the tool for other authorized users in your organization. This allows you to moderate harmful, inappropriate, or sensitive messages in your organization, and enforce communication guidelines.

What applications support Moderation Tools


In the Admin console, you can set up Gmail rules to intercept and quarantine inbound or outbound emails. You or users you give access to can approve or deny these emails. You can inspect quarantined emails in the Moderation Tool or the Security Investigation Tool.


In Chat, you can enable users to report messages in conversations. You or users with moderator privileges can manage these messages.

Any message can be reported except for:

  • Messages if Chat history is off
  • 1:1 direct messages with external users
  • Group conversations and spaces owned by external users
Note: Group conversations with external users made before December 2020 can't be reported on due to changes made to Google Chat group conversations and classic Hangouts. For more information read this blog post.

Workspace moderation topics

Quarantine emails

Under the Gmail tab, you can review and take action on messages that are sent to email quarantine. In your Google Admin console, you can add settings that quarantine messages, and give your users access to the quarantine management tool.

Although Gmail comes with a default quarantine, you may want to set up an email quarantine that works for your organization. You can also review these Gmail features of the Moderation Tool:

If you have the correct admin privileges, go directly to email quarantine.

Moderate Chat messages

Under the Chat tab you can review and take action on reports. From the Content Reporting section of the Chat settings page, you can manage the report form. If you have never used the Moderation Tool, you will need to Set up content moderation for Chat. Otherwise, you can review the Chat features of the Moderation Tool:

Moderation Tools and the Security Investigation Tool

With the Security Investigation Tool (SIT) you can identify and triage quarantined emails and reported Chat messages, while the Moderation Tool lets you take action on them. As an admin, you can configure the SIT to send an email alert when a message is reported in Chat, or an email is quarantined.

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