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Get started as a Marketplace app admin

Google Workspace Marketplace apps and add-ons can help your organization maximize its productivity with Google Workspace and integrate with third-party apps. As an administrator, you can install Marketplace apps for all or some of your users. You can also control who can install Marketplace apps and which apps they can install.

All organizations: Install Marketplace apps and add-ons for your users

  1. Apps in the Marketplace are organized by function and business need. Learn how to find apps in the Marketplace.
  2. Because apps can access your organization’s data, you need to trust they’ll keep it secure and private. Learn how to evaluate apps.
  3. Install apps for users. Some apps are only available for an administrator to install for users.

Advanced: Control access to Marketplace apps and add-ons

You can help protect your organization’s data when using third-party apps and add-ons using several approaches:

  1. App access: You can restrict which Marketplace apps users can install and use. With this approach, you can block individual installation of all apps, or only allow certain apps to be installed and used. 
  2. API controls: You can use API controls to limit the apps that can access certain data and set access restrictions by data source.  These controls are most useful when you set app access to allow any app.

By using a combination of these approaches, you can tailor app access to fit your organization’s needs.

Control which Marketplace apps users can install and use

The following table describes the 3 app access options and why you might use them:

Access option Considerations

Users can install any app

the default for most Google Workspace subscriptions

  • Most flexible for users
  • No administrative overhead
  • Increased risk to your organization’s data because more apps can read, edit, download, or delete that data
Users can install only allowlisted apps
  • Users can install only apps that you approve
  • Decreased risk to your organization’s data
  • Administrators must maintain an allowlist, and optionally a blocklist

Users can’t install any apps

the default for Google Workspace for Education

  • Least risk to your organization’s data
  • To use Marketplace apps, administrators must install them for users

Learn how to set the apps access option. If you want to only allow access to apps on the allowlist, set up your allowlist. You can set the access option, set the app allowlist, and install apps by group or organizational unit, so you can use different approaches for different users within your organization.

Set API controls

With API controls, you can restrict or unrestrict app access to Google services. When data is restricted, only apps with a trusted access level can access that service. When data is unrestricted, only apps with trusted or limited access levels can access that service.

Apps in your Marketplace allowlist are automatically trusted.

For instructions on how to set and review API controls, go to control which third-party & internal apps access Google Workspace data.

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