Restore a suspended user

If a user's account has been manually suspended in the Google Admin console—to temporarily block their access to the account—you can easily restore their access. The user will then be able to sign in and access all their services and data, and they will resume receiving email, calendar invitations, and so on, just as before they were suspended.

If a user's Gmail account has been suspended because they exceeded Gmail bandwidth limits, see reset a Gmail suspension to restore their access to Gmail, instead of following the instructions here. Also, you can't restore an account with an abusive account status.

To restore a suspended user account:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Find the suspended user account.
  3. Click the suspended user to see their information page.
  4. Open the menu under the user's picture and choose Restore user.
  5. If the user was in your account's shared contacts list, re-enter their information in the list (their account won't be restored automatically). For details, see Manage the Google Apps directory.

Most users will regain access to their account within 24 hours.