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Restore a suspended user

As a Google Apps administrator, you can restore suspended user accounts that were:

  • Manually suspended by you (or another administrator) to temporarily block their access.
  • Automatically suspended by our systems for being at risk.
  • Automatically suspended from Gmail for exceeding the account limits.

Once restored, users can sign in and access all their services and data. They receive email, calendar invitations, and so on, just as before they were suspended.

To restore a suspended user:

  1. Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Under Filters at the side of the user list, choose the Suspended users filter. If you don't see Filters, click Filter button.
  4. Click the suspended user’s name to go to their account page.
  5. On the user's account page, click Settings and choose Restore user.

    To see the Restore user option, you must be signed in with an account that has the Suspend Users privilege enabled, such as a Super Admin or User Management Admin.

More recovery options

You can’t restore an account that was suspended for abuse or for breaching the Google Terms of Service. To see why a user was suspended, click the exclamation on their account page for an error message. Then see below for your corresponding recovery options.

Error Message Recovery Options
The user has been suspended. This message indicates that the user was manually suspended by you or another administrator. You can restore the user by clicking the Restore user link.
This user was permanently suspended on [DATE] because they indicated they were under 13 years of age. This message indicates that the user signed up for a non-core service (such as Google Wallet) and entered a birthday that did not meet the minimum age requirements. In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Google will delete the user after 30 days. If the user entered his or her birthday incorrectly, he or she has 30 days to sign in at accounts.google.com and submit proof of age. Administrators of a Google Apps for Work, Education or Government account can correct the user’s age directly through the Google Admin console. Please note, Google Apps for Education customers have different age requirements and should contact Google for Work Support if a student under the age of 13 has been suspended.
As part of the process of becoming more secure and fighting spammers, Google sometimes asks users at first sign-in to verify their identity... This message indicates that the user was suspended for engaging in abusive activity, such as phishing or spamming.

The user can be recovered by signing in at accounts.google.com and following the on-screen instructions. Depending on the type and severity of the abuse, the user will be prompted to either clear a CAPTCHA, or enter a verification code sent to his or her phone.

This user might be at risk. Please proceed with the Administrator security checklist before restoring the user. This message indicates that the user was proactively suspended after our systems detected potentially suspicious login activity. Before restoring the user, follow the steps outlined in the Administrator security checklist. You can restore the user by clicking the Restore user link.
This user has been suspended for abuse. This message indicates that the user was suspended for abuse, such as breaching the Google Terms of Service.

Such accounts are unrecoverable, and cannot be restored by a Google Apps administrator or Google for Work Support. Please note that it also not possible to delete a user that has been suspended for abuse.

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