My domain verification failed

If you get an error that says your domain verification failed, it could be due to timing or how you entered the verification record.

Try these fixes first

  • Wait 48 hours—Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours for the domain to be verified.
  • Re-enter the verification record—It's possible the verification record was not created or entered correctly. You need to troubleshoot your verification method (see below).

Troubleshoot your verification

How you troubleshoot depends on the verification option you used.

  • I verified with a TXT record—Check to see if the record was added to your domain’s DNS records correctly. To check your TXT verification record, see Troubleshoot TXT records.
  • I verified with a CNAME record—Check to see if the record was added to your domain’s DNS records correctly. To check your CNAME verification record, see Troubleshoot CNAME records.
  • I verified with an HTML file—Go to the address of the uploaded file on your website. This address is your site's URL and includes the file name, as in Check that your file is formatted correctly:
    • The HTML file must be available at your naked domain, which means it doesn’t have www in the URL. For example, is a naked domain.
    • The HTML file must be publicly available and not limited to an internal network (an intranet, for example).
    • If your website uses SSL or TLS, it must include an HTTP to HTTPS redirect.
    • Be sure the address begins with http:// (not https), and that it includes the names of your actual domain and HTML file.

    If the file uploaded correctly, you should see in your browser google-site-verification: followed by the code in your HTML filename.

I don’t know how I verified

You need to contact your domain host for help entering your verification record. To find your host, see Identify your domain host.

My records are correct but domain still not verified

If you waited 48 hours and confirmed your domain verification records are in place but your domain ownership is still not verified, contact Google Workspace support.

Google Workspace service status and issues

Find out what we're fixing and check service uptime:

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