My domain ownership verification failed


After completing the steps to verify domain ownership, you may receive an error indicating domain verification failed.

Why is this happening? Here are some common reasons for this error:

  • Please remember it takes up to 48 hours for the domain to be verified.
  • Depending on which domain verification option you used, it's possible the required record was not created or entered correctly. See the instructions and articles related to your selected domain verification option below.


Follow the instructions here for your domain verification option:

  • Verify via Google Analytics - view the source on your web page and find the web tracking code resembling: UA-XXXXX-X" See Verify your web tracking setup for other troubleshooting options.
  • Create CNAME records - check to see the record was created correctly by navigating to [unique_google_string] This should lead you to See Troubleshoot CNAME records for additional help.
  • Upload an HTML file - go to the address of the uploaded file on your website. This is your site's URL including the file name, as in (Be sure to replace and your_filename with your actual domain and file names.)
  • Create TXT records - run the following command in a terminal and find a text record containing "google-site-verification=" in the results:
    nslookup -q=txt
    See Troubleshoot TXT records for more help.

If you’ve confirmed your domain verification records are in place and your domain ownership is still not verified after 48 hours, please contact support.

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