Contact Google Workspace support

As a Google Workspace administrator, you can contact Google directly for support. Support options vary depending on your subscription, but there’s always a way for you to get in touch.

Have Essentials Starter edition? To contact support, you need to switch to Enterprise Essentials edition.

Before you begin

Ensure that you review and gather the relevant information before you contact support. For details, go to Before you contact support: Gather key information.

How to contact us

To contact a support specialist for help with your Google Workspace account:

  1. Sign in to your Google Admin console.

    Sign in using your administrator account (does not end in

  2. At the top right of the Admin console, click Get help .
  3. In the Help Assistant window, describe your issue and click Send .
  4. If a Help article that relates to your issue is listed, click it to review.
  5. If you still need help, click:
    • Search for something else and repeat steps 3–4.
    • Continue to Support and continue with the following steps.
  6. If you have recently filed a support case, choose an option:
    • If your issue relates to the case, click the case and review the message. If the message is unhelpful, click No and skip to step 10.
    • If your issue is unrelated to the case, click My issue is unrelated to the above.
  7. Select the description of your issue and review the information or click Help me with something else or I need more help.
  8. Briefly describe your issue and click Send .
  9. Click the option that best describes your issue and review the information or click This didn’t help, continue to support or I need more help.
  10. Select the channel you prefer to use for contact and your preferred language and click Start chat or Submit.

Having trouble accessing the Admin console? For help, go to Can't sign in to the Admin console.

Get Google Workspace help online

Help Center

Administrator Help Center: Search documentation for managing Google Workspace users and services.

Known outages

Google Workspace status dashboard: View status of core services (Gmail, Google Calendar, and so on).

Google Workspace community

Google Workspace Community: Ask troubleshooting questions and get answers from Google Workspace product experts and other administrators. 

Admins community

Google Workspace for Admins Community: Join this community to view the latest news and resources for Google Workspace, including peer-to-peer conversations, launch announcements, product updates, road maps, and more. 

Social media

@askworkspace: Follow our Twitter channel to receive timely support, incident communications, and quick self-help tips.

Support policies

These policies apply only for administrators.

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How we prioritize your issue

We investigate your issue according to priority level and time of submission. You can expect an initial response within 1 business day or less.

Priority and type of issue Example
P1: Critical service-access issue affecting more than one user. Service unavailable or unusable, with no workaround. Widespread email delays affecting the majority of email being sent or received.
P2: Critical service-access issue affecting one user, or an issue affecting collaboration among users. Product doesn't work as expected, with no feasible workaround. A user can’t access email and receives a 500 Error page.
P3: Product doesn't work as expected, but a workaround is available. Unable to delete a group forum post using the Delete button, but the message can be deleted with URL changes.
P4: Product doesn't work as desired, but functions, and a workaround isn't necessary. A user can’t easily add new words to the spell-check dictionary.


Additional investigation

We might need to gather more information from you to conduct additional testing. In these cases, we might ask you to do the following:

  • List the exact steps that cause the issue.
  • Follow troubleshooting steps.
  • Collect and send additional information, such as log files or message headers.

We might also route your issue to a specialized team for further investigation. Resolution times vary, depending on the complexity of your issue and the availability of troubleshooting data.

Internal log files retention period

To protect your privacy and security, our internal log files are kept only for a short period of time. While investigating your issue, we might ask you to submit more recent information, because we may no longer have access to these details in our own logs. 

Possible solutions

Regardless of your issue, our commitment is to offer you a solution. Depending on your issue, the following solutions are possible:

  • We fix your issue, provide a solution, or answer your question.
  • We confirmed that the issue you reported is a missing feature. You can submit your issue as a Feature Idea in Google Cloud Communities. 
  • We can’t reproduce the issue but provide recommendations for further investigation.
  • We ask a third-party product team to help, and put you in contact with them for further assistance.
  • We can’t resolve the issue you submitted or determine it isn't supported.
  • We resolve an outage tracked on the Google Workspace status dashboard and, at your specific request, send you a service credit and/or incident report.

When your case is resolved, you'll receive an email survey about how we handled your case. Your feedback is crucial in making improvements to our support structure and our products.

As your business grows, so does ours. To meet the support needs of our growing customer base, we engage with a select group of trusted support service providers. Like our customers, these service providers are diverse. They speak many languages and are strategically located to ensure we can support you whenever you need help. Each service provider goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure that they have the required technical expertise, and we maintain an appropriate level of security and privacy so that together, we can provide you with a consistent support experience.

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