Google Cloud Support Center

This information is for Google Cloud and Education customers and partners who have purchased G Suite, Cloud Identity Premium Edition, Cloud Platform support packages, Chrome Enterprise management, Chrome Enterprise Support, Android and Education, and Chrome devices for meetings.

The Google Cloud Support Center (GCSC) is a special support center designed for you to file and manage tickets with our Support teams. Support-entitled product administrators can access GCSC at

What you can do in GCSC

  • Eligible customers can use GCSC to submit and track support requests for their G Suite domain, Cloud Identity Premium service, Cloud Platform projects, or Chrome, Android, and Education products.
  • Resellers can use GCSC to submit and track requests for both their own and their customers’ domains.
  • G Suite Premier and Cloud Identity Premier customers/resellers can self-escalate a case.
  • Learn about common technical issues tracked by our Support teams and subscribe to updates.

Who can use GCSC

  • G Suite, Education, and Government customers
  • Cloud Identity Premium Edition customers
  • Partners and Resellers
  • Google Cloud Platform customers with a Silver, Gold or Platinum support package
  • Chrome Enterprise devices customers who have purchased management licenses
  • Google Chrome devices for meetings customers
  • Chrome Enterprise Support customers
  • Google Android for Education customers
For more details, please see "Who has access to GCSC?" below.

Note: Google Maps and Google Enterprise Search customers should continue to visit the Google Cloud Support Portal.


Important features

File a support case
  1. Go to the Google Cloud Support Center:

  2. On the left hand menu, hover mouse over the top account name and select the desired account from the dropdown.  
  3. Click New Case for the product you want to file a support case for.
  4. To expedite the processing of your case, provide the following information:
    • Issue start and end times 
    • Timezone
    • Version
    • Stack trace and/or log entries
    • Reproducible case
    • Relevant code
    • Explain your application flow
    • Percentage of affected users
    • How are users being affected
  5. Click Submit to create the support case.
  6. You can submit case comments by filling out the "New Comment:" field and clicking Submit.


    Messages from Google Support will appear in the Case Comments window.

  7. Click Close Case in the upper right corner when you are satisfied with the case resolution.
  8. Finally, help our Support team improve and let us know what you thought of your interaction with Google Support by filling out the customer satisfaction survey.
    Note: You may reopen a case at any time by commenting on it, but for urgent issues, we recommend you open a new case to make sure someone starts working on it as soon as possible.
Add a new user
  1. Go to the Google Cloud Support Center:

  2. Click User Management on the top right corner of the screen.

  3. The Users pane shows you the users in your organization that can interact with Support. If your role is Manager for a product, you can change other users’ roles in that product.

  4. To add a new user, click New User

  5. Enter the user’s email address and select a profile for the user. The user must have a valid Google Account and their address must be in your organization’s domain. Select the user's role.

If you have questions, please refer to the Provision and manage users help article or open a case with Google Support.
Partners and Resellers

Applies to customers who are subscribed to a Chrome service, a G Suite edition, or the Cloud Identity Premium edition.

Customers have two options to allow Resellers to manage support in GCSC for their G Suite or Cloud Identity account. You can only view your customers’ domains in GCSC if they have given you permission via one of these options. Note that your customers also have access to their accounts in GCSC and can view the cases you’ve submitted for their domains.

  • Option 1—In the Google Admin console, your customer can allow you to manage their G Suite or Cloud Identity account by enabling Reseller Access under Company Profile. After this permission is granted, you will have access to the support history for your G Suite or Cloud Identity customer.
  • Option 2—Customers can grant Reseller access to support their G Suite or Cloud Identity account in the GCSC settings. Follow the instructions here.
Escalate a case

Currently, the “Escalate” button is only available to Apps Premier customers or Android AfW EMM Partners. Whenever an “Escalate” button is displayed in a case viewed in GCSC, the user (customer, reseller, partner) can escalate the case from GCSC without asking anyone else to escalate it.

Product known issues
The Google Cloud Support team identifies critical, technical issues through a variety of ways, including internal alerts, higher than average call or support cases per hour, consumer forums, and other social communities. Once engineering confirms these issues and we establish that customers are critically affected, we will post a notification in GCSC with a short summary of the issue. You can learn more and help us track impact by clicking 'Details,' and then the 'Me too' button to subscribe to real-time updates through a support case.

What's shared in GCSC?

Critical issues will be regularly published in GCSC by the Support team. These will appear as as a notification banner to signed in users, along with a dedicated section for you to learn more and subscribe to updates. At this time, all notifications are posted manually.

We aim to post a notification if an issue meets the following three criteria:
  • Outages affecting multiple Google Cloud Apps users
  • Confirmed by Engineering
  • Google Cloud Support team is seeing higher than normal volume about the issue

How to use this feature:
  1. When you see a support known issue for the first time, click the ‘Details’ link to learn more or reach out to your partner to understand the impact on your operations.
  2. If you are affected or would like to receive regular updates, then click ‘Me Too’ and a support case will be generated on your behalf, subscribed to our messaging system.
  3. If it turns out that you are not affected by the known issue, there are options in the emails we send out that allow you to opt-out and return to 1:1 support.
How is this different than Status Dashboard?

GCSC known issues are meant to complement the Status Dashboard. When Support is tracking an issue, though it may not meet the criteria to be a system disruption, we still want to communicate to our customers’ IT administrators. GCSC is where they would normally visit to contact Support.

At this time, Google Cloud Support team known issues are only available in English. If you have feedback on this feature, please don't hesitate to let us know by clicking "Send Feedback" in the bottom right corner of GCSC.


Why should I use GCSC? How does it differ from the Google Cloud Support Portal?
As mentioned previously, GCSC offers an integrated interface for resellers and larger direct customers. Resellers can submit and manage support cases for both themselves and their customers, while those customers can now see reseller-managed cases related to them. In the Google Cloud Support Portal, you can submit and manage cases only for your own account. Here are other key differences and features:
  • You can directly grant other users in your organization the ability to access GCSC through the User Management tool.
  • If granted access, resellers have the ability to view and assist with cases filed by their customers.
  • Similarly, customers can see cases filed on their behalf by their resellers.
  • Your existing case history is already available in GCSC.
  • GCSC uses the same login credentials as the Google Admin console, giving G Suite, Cloud Identity, Chrome devices, Android for enterprise and Education, and Chrome devices for meetings customers a single sign-on experience.
  • All remaining products will be added to GCSC before the Google Cloud Support Portal is retired.
Who has access to GCSC?
GCSC access for new "seed" users. Seed users are defined in the table below:


Default Access

G Suite,
Cloud Identity Premium Edition

All Super Administrators*

Chrome Enterprise management, Chrome devices for meetings, Chrome Enterprise Support, Android for Education

Only the initial Super Administrators after the first 14 days of Admin console creation.


All Super Administrators

Cloud Platform

Technical Contact for the organization placed on the original order

*Please note that when a Super Administrator is downgraded to non-Super Administrator, this change will not sync to GCSC. You must use the User Management tool to change permissions to GCSC, if desired.
How do I grant access to administrators who are not seed users?

Seed users may grant any user in the organization access to GCSC through the User Management tool. Users created through this tool are granted access automatically.

Why do I get a "You need permission to access the Google Cloud Support Center" error message?
It can take up to 24 hours to provide GCSC access for new seed users. See Who has access to GCSC? for additional details.  If you are the technical contact or seed user and still cannot access GCSC, there may have been an issue provisioning your account. In this case, please file a case through our Can't Access form.

Cloud Platform customers with a Gold or Platinum support customers can also contact us by phone. You can find the details in the Cloud Console under 'Customer Support'.
What will I find in GCSC?

System administrators can submit a support request (case), track the progress of the case, and add attachments and comments to cases. You will find contact information (call center phone numbers, hours of operation, service levels, etc.) for the Google Cloud products your company has purchased. We also post private information for our business customers, such as Google Search Appliance downloads, Google Earth proprietary documentation, and the like.

How do I access GCSC?

GCSC can be accessed at the following location:
If you're a reseller, you'll need to make sure you're logged in with your reseller account rather than your direct customer account to ensure you have access to GCSC. To do this, you may first sign in to the Reseller Tools console by entering your reseller domain in the Submit a support case form and signing in if necessary. You will be directed to your Reseller Tools support tab.  From there you'll find a link to GCSC in the Resources for resellers section.

Do G Suite users need different IDs and passwords?

No. GCSC uses the same login credentials as the Google Admin console, giving Admin console users like G Suite, Cloud Identity Premium, and Google Chrome Enterprise users a single sign-on experience.

What technology is GCSC based on?

GCSC is built on Google's very own App Engine, which allows for quick and reliable software development and hosting.

Who do I contact for assistance with the new GCSC?

If you are experiencing issues accessing GCSC, you can still contact Support to work out the issue using the instructions provided on the login error page.

Can customers see cases managed by their resellers?

Yes. If your customers have access to GCSC, they can view the cases you've submitted on their behalf. Be aware your comments and case descriptions are visible to these customers.

Can resellers see their customer's cases?

Yes, as long as the customer has chosen to enable reseller access. For resold customers, the default setting in the Admin console is to allow a reseller to manage customers' accounts. If a customer's cases are not visible, it is likely the reseller doesn't have permission to manage that customer's account. Resellers may ask their customers to sign in to their Admin console and enable reseller access via Company Profile, or set up the Support Entitlement via GCSC. You can only view and create cases for customers who've granted you access. Also, if a reseller's customer was transferred to another reseller's account, the new reseller won't be able to see cases submitted during the period the customer was managed by the previous reseller or Google.

How do I upload attachments?

Simply select the case you'd like to upload an attachment to and click Attach File. Anyone who can access the case will also be able to access attachments uploaded to the case.

Where are the cases notifications sent? Can I add another email address?

All email notifications about a case (such as change of status or a case comments) are sent to the email address you used to sign in and submit the case. We're investigating options to allow users to add email addresses for case notifications.

Why can't I see email communications on a case?

For security purposes, only case comments are captured in a case's history.

How do I submit feedback or report issues with GCSC?

Click the Send Feedback button on the bottom-right corner of GCSC. We welcome your feedback, feature suggestions, and general comments about GCSC.

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