Google Workspace transition is happening now

On October 6, 2020, we introduced the Google Workspace brand, product experience, and set of offerings to better equip our customers for the future of work. Whether you’re at home, at work, or in the classroom, Google Workspace is the best way to create, communicate, and collaborate.

Google Workspace editions

We rolled out new subscription options to give you more choices to fit your needs.

  • Business family—For smaller businesses, we introduced tailored offerings that make it easy and cost-effective to get started with Google Workspace—including best-in-class collaboration and productivity tools, security protections, and administrative controls.
  • Enterprise family—For larger businesses, we introduced offerings with additional productivity features, enterprise-grade administrative controls, and our most advanced security and compliance capabilities, available at both the team and organization level.

Now’s the time to transition to Google Workspace

If you have a legacy G Suite subscription, we’ll be contacting you with information about your transition to Google Workspace. There are two ways you can transition:

Transitioning does not affect your Google Workspace data or service availability.

If you prefer to wait, we'll notify you at least 30 days before it’s your turn to automatically transition. Eligibility to automatically transition is on a rolling basis, beginning in November 2021.

What to consider before you transition

When choosing which Google Workspace edition to transition to, we recommend you consider these factors:

  • Number of users—Google Workspace Business editions can have up to 300 users. If you have more than 300 users, you'll need to transition to an Enterprise edition. Please contact Google Workspace Sales to identify a transition path that best suits your needs.
  • Features you currently use—Make sure you choose an edition that includes the features your organization relies on today.
  • Features you’d like to use in the future—Are there features you’d like to add that your organization isn’t using now?

Sign in to compare features

If you're already an administrator for a G Suite or Google Workspace account, sign in now to compare features across available editions: Sign in to your account (doesn't end in


Google Workspace transition FAQ

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How does the transition affect my current G Suite subscription?

Your current G Suite subscription and related services will continue to function as they do today, until you self-transition or we transition you automatically to one of the new editions.

We recommend you transition now to a Google Workspace offering that meets your needs. Or, if you prefer, we can transition you automatically when your organization becomes eligible. We’ll notify you at least 30 days before it’s your turn to automatically transition.

If you’re on an Annual/Fixed-Term Plan, your eligibility date to automatically transition will be after your current renewal date.

Can I keep my G Suite subscription?

All G Suite subscriptions must transition to Google Workspace. If you have an active Annual/Fixed-Term Plan, your subscription will remain unchanged until it's time to renew. We recommend you transition as soon as possible to benefit from Google Workspace functionality.

If you choose not to self-transition, we'll transition your organization automatically to a recommended Google Workspace edition when your organization is eligible. The first transitions begin in November 2021, and we'll notify you 30 days in advance with all the details.

When will my organization transition to Google Workspace?

We recommend you self-transition to Google Workspace as soon as it’s convenient for you. If you prefer to wait, Google will transition you automatically when your organization is eligible. We’ll be in touch at least 30 days in advance with more information about the timing of your transition.

Can I switch directly from G Suite to Google Workspace?

Yes. You can switch as soon as it’s convenient for you by following the instructions in Transition to Google Workspace. Before you switch, review What to consider before you transition.

How do I transition if I purchased my G Suite subscription from Google Domains?

If you purchased your G Suite subscription from Google Domains, you'll need to transition your subscription to Google Workspace through your Google Domains account. Follow these steps to transition your subscription:

  1. Sign in to your Google Domains account and navigate to the My domains tab.
  2. Click the name of your Domain associated with your G Suite subscription.
  3. Click Emailand thenManage subscription.
  4. Next to Move to Google Workspace, click Move.
  5. Select the Google Workspace edition you want, then click Move to Google Workspace and follow the on-screen instructions

You may need to repeat the above steps if you have more than one G Suite subscription that needs to be transitioned.

If you have questions, contact Google Domains support.

If I prefer that Google transitions me, what edition will you transition me to?

We'll transition you to a Google Workspace edition that suits your needs, based on the features you're currently using.

For example, if you have G Suite Business and use Google Vault, we'll transition you to Business Plus so you can continue to use that feature. The tables above provide other examples of premium features you might be using and the Google Workspace editions that support them.

Note: It can take a few days for feature changes to register in our systems. If you stop using a feature shortly before your organization is eligible to automatically transition, we may not know about the change before we transition you.

How do I know what subscription and payment plan I have?

You can view your current subscription and payment plan on the Billingand thenManage subscriptions page in the Google Admin console. For details, go to What’s my subscription and payment plan?

When do I transition if I have a Fixed-Term Plan?

If you’re on an Annual/Fixed-Term Plan, your eligibility to transition depends on your payment plan:

Can I upgrade or downgrade after you automatically transition my subscription?

Yes. We'll transition you to a Google Workspace edition that has the features you're currently using and keeps your data. If you'd like to switch to a different Google Workspace edition, you can switch after the transition.

If you have more than 300 users you can switch only to an Enterprise edition.

You can’t switch to any G Suite subscription.

Can I continue to add users to my G Suite subscription?

Yes. You can add more users to your current G Suite subscription until your subscription transitions to Google Workspace.

What if I no longer use my G Suite subscription?

If you no longer use your legacy G Suite subscription, you can cancel your subscription. For steps, go to Cancel Google Workspace.

If I have more than 300 users on my G Suite subscription, do I need to upgrade?

Yes, you'll need to transition to the Google Workspace Enterprise family. For information, go to Switch Google Workspace editions.

Which Google Workspace editions include Google Vault?

Vault is available with the Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus editions.

What happens to my add-on subscriptions when I transition?

Some Google Workspace editions include the same capabilities available with add-on subscriptions. For example, Vault is included in Business Plus. If the edition you transition to includes the same functionality, we will cancel the add-on subscriptions when we automatically transition you to Google Workspace.

However, if you have automatic licensing turned off, we will not cancel add-on subscriptions to avoid any data loss. If you do not want a separate add-on subscription, we recommend you assign the add-on user licenses to your core Google Workspace subscription and then cancel the add-on subscription 24 hours after you reassign the licenses.

Will G Suite for Nonprofits subscriptions be automatically transitioned?

Yes. We'll automatically transition your G Suite for Nonprofits subscription to a Google Workspace for Nonprofits subscription based on the features you're currently using. For pricing, go to Google Workspace offers for Nonprofits.

Will G Suite Archived User subscriptions be automatically transitioned?

Yes. We'll automatically transition your Archived User subscription when we transition your G Suite subscription. We'll transition you to an Archived User subscription that corresponds to your new Google Workspace subscription. For example, if we transition you from G Suite Business to Google Workspace Business Plus, we'll also transition your Archived User subscription to Business Plus - Archived User.

If you prefer to self-transition, you'll need to transition your Archived User subscription at the same time you transition your G Suite subscription. For more details, go to Switch your Archived User edition.

If your G Suite subscription is on an Annual/Fixed-Term Plan with yearly payments, you won't be able to transition before your contract period ends. To enable you to self-transition your G Suite and Archived User subscriptions together after the contract period ends on your G Suite subscription, follow the steps at Google Workspace transition for Fixed-Term Yearly Payment Plans.

Where can I get help?

If you have questions, you can contact:

Or visit the Google Workspace Admin Help Center.

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