Customize your music

With the YouTube Music app, you can explore new music and customize your listening experience. Each song or playlist that you listen to becomes a radio station that you can personalize. 

For even more customized music, sign into YouTube Music with your YouTube account—you'll instantly see recommendations based on music you've listened to on YouTube. 

Like or dislike music

Tap Like  or Dislike  on songs that are playing to customize your station. Videos, artists, stations, playlists, and albums that you like will appear in the Library tab  under "Liked Songs." 

Explore other music

You can learn more about the song you're listening to and find covers, remixes, and live performances of it by tapping Info  next to the song title.  


You can create playlists in the YouTube Music app and on YouTube. Your playlists will show up in the Library tab  of the YouTube Music app, along with any stations you've saved. Learn more about creating a playlist in the YouTube Music app

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