Customize your music and podcasts

You can explore new music and podcasts and customize your listening experience with the YouTube Music app. Learn how to navigate the YouTube Music app and discover new music based on your listening habits.

Customize your YouTube Music library

For more customized music and podcasts, log into YouTube Music with your Google Account. You'll instantly get recommendations based on music and podcasts you've listened to or watched on YouTube.


Access your Library from anywhere in the YouTube Music app by tapping Library "" at the bottom of your screen. Here, you can see all of your music organized into different categories:

  • Playlists
  • Podcasts
  • Songs
  • Albums
  • Artists & Subscriptions

When you view a made for kids content or an artist detail page, the Menu  options will be different from other content. You will can't add this content to a playlist, to your liked songs, or share it.


You can also find downloads in the Library tab. To view your downloads, tap the arrow "" next to Library at the top of the page. Use the category filters to find downloaded playlists, songs, podcasts, or albums.


You can create playlists in the YouTube Music app and on YouTube. Your playlists will show up in the Library tab "" of the YouTube Music app, along with any stations you've saved. Learn more about creating a playlist in the YouTube Music app.


You can add songs to your library by tapping Menu  and then Add to library. If you add a song to your Library, the song artist will appear in the Artists section of your Library.


You can add an entire album to your library. Start by searching for the album that you want to add, then:

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Tap Add album to library.

Or you can add an album to your library from the album details page by clicking the "" icon.

If you add an album to your Library, all individual songs within that album will appear in the Songs section of your Library. The album artist will appear in the Artists section of your Library.


Podcasts are now available to YouTube Music users in the US. Start listening in the YouTube Music app.

To add a podcast show to your library, click Add to Library on the podcast show detail page.

When you add a podcast to your library, the show’s playlist will appear under the podcasts tab. All new episodes of shows you follow will also appear within the New Episodes playlist in your library.

Like or dislike music

Tap Like "" or Dislike "" on songs to customize your station.

Music that you like will appear in “Your Likes” playlist, pinned at the top of your Library "". Songs and albums you like will also appear in the Songs section of your Library, and will influence your recommendations.

Unliking a song will not automatically remove it from your Library. To remove a song or album from your library:

  1. Tap the Library tab "".
  2. Find the song or album you want to remove.
  3. Tap More  next to the song or album.
  4. Tap Remove from library.

To download your Liked songs:

  1. Tap the Library tab "".
  2. Tap Playlists.
  3. Tap Your Likes.
  4. Tap More .
  5. Tap Download "".

If you are viewing a made for kids video or song, you will not be able to use the like or dislike buttons. 

Sort and filter your content

Within your library, use the content source menu to switch between your YouTube Music library, YouTube Music downloads, uploads to YouTube, or device files.

The content filters along the top of your library help you find playlists, songs, albums, artists, or podcasts within your library. When you filter by songs, you’ll also see a list of genres that can be used to tailor your experience based on your mood.

You can also sort music content in your YouTube Music app based on recent activity, recently added content, or recently played. Find the music you’re looking for anytime, anywhere with a quick sort of your playlists, library, or downloads.

Recommendations in YouTube Music

Your recommendations and search results are also based on the songs, videos, and podcasts you like within the app. Playlists you create in YouTube Music and on YouTube also influence your recommendations.

You can remove liked videos and edit or delete playlists to change your recommendations and search results.

Manage your history

To manage your history:
  1. Select your profile picture.
  2. Select History "".
  3. Select More  next to the song or podcast you want to remove.
  4. Select Remove from watch history.

Pause your history

To pause your history:

  1. Select your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings "".
  3. Select Privacy & location.
  4. Switch on Pause watch history or Pause search history.

Delete your history

To delete your history:

  1. Select your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings "".
  3. Select Privacy & location.
  4. Select Manage watch history or Manage search history and follow the instructions.
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