Search in YouTube Kids

Your child can search for videos by using the magnifying glass  in the upper corner of the app and typing in their query.

Your child can also do a voice search (available in the YouTube Kids mobile app) by tapping the microphone icon  on the search page and speaking the query. Voice search uses visual feedback by displaying waves created by the sound of the user's voice to indicate that the device is able to hear the query. Please note that the audio file is only kept for long enough to transcribe the query and then it is deleted. 

Videos in search results are selected by our algorithm without human review.  We've taken a number of precautions to ensure that families searching in YouTube Kids will see results that are appropriate for younger audiences. We screen content available through Search using a mix of automated analysis and user input, and we are continuously making improvements based on new technology, research and user feedback. YouTube handles a tremendous breadth, depth and scale of content – so while we work hard to get it right, sometimes your child may find content in the app that you may not want them to watch. You can turn off Search using the parental settings, if you would like to restrict your child's experience to a more limited set of content. Please keep in mind that regardless of the status of Search in your app, there is a chance that your child will find content that you don't want them to watch. If this happens, you can notify YouTube by flagging the video. We use these flags to improve the app for everyone. 

Recommendations in search

Search results may include recommended videos based on what your child has previously watched and terms that they've searched for.

Pause watch and search history

You can pause watch and search history in Parental Settings. While history is paused, the app will stop using new videos that you watch or terms that you search for as signals for recommendations on the home page, in search results and in Watch It Again.

Clear watch and search history

You can clear watch and search history in Parental Settings. When you clear history, the app will reset Recommendations and Watch It Again. The app automatically resets your watch and search history when you turn Search off.

Turning Search off

You can restrict your child's experience to a more limited set of videos by turning Search off.  
With Search off, your child can't search for videos and they will be limited to videos from a set of channels that have been verified by YouTube Kids. 
With Search on, your child can search for new videos that interest them from the millions available in the YouTube Kids app. 
Note: Please keep in mind that there is always a chance that your child may find something that you don't want them to watch. You can flag this content for our quick review. 
To turn off Search, toggle Allow searching to Off in Settings .
If you turn Search off, the watch and search history in your app will be cleared. This will reset Recommended videos and Watch It Again. Learn more about Search in YouTube Kids.

Blocked search results

When searching in YouTube, your family may encounter the error message 'Try searching for something else!' In order to provide a family-friendly environment, we block results for search queries that are vulnerable to returning mature results. Due to the broad range of content available on YouTube, occasionally search queries may be blocked that are not necessarily inappropriate for younger audiences. If this happens, please send us feedback.
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