Home screen video categories

At the top of YouTube Kids, you'll see icons for video content by category:

  • Shows includes kid-friendly programmes from popular YouTube creators.
  • Music includes songs to sing and dance along to, including nursery rhymes, popular music videos for kids and clips from their favourite musicals.
  • Learning includes everything from ABCs and 123s to science lessons and language arts so children can engage, grow and learn.
  • Explore includes content that helps your child discover the world around them, develop new hobbies and explore topics that they're interested in.

The app selects the videos in these categories from the millions of videos available in YouTube Kids using our algorithms plus some human review.

If your child has watched multiple videos in the YouTube Kids app, your child may see recommended videos in these four categories as well as an additional   Recommended videos category that contains recommendations based on viewing and search history. This category may also include Watch it again videos. Learn more about Recommended videos and Watch it again.

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