Ads in YouTube Kids

To provide an experience free of charge, YouTube Kids is ad-supported with limited advertising. When your child selects a video in the app, your child may see an ad intro followed by a video ad—marked with “Ad”—before the video you selected. These are paid advertisements (“Paid Ads”). We only show Paid Ads that are approved as family-friendly and all Paid Ads undergo a rigorous review process for compliance with our policies. Paid Ads won’t include any click-throughs to websites or product purchase flows. Learn more about our advertising policies. Ad intros are short animated messages that appear before a Paid Ad to help a child understand that a Paid Ad will be played before their chosen video.

Videos uploaded by users to YouTube are not Paid Ads and therefore they are not marked as an Ad nor are they subject to our advertising policies. This may also include content about or from companies who may have also purchased Ads in the app. For example, a search for trains could result in train cartoons, songs and videos of real trains, as well as a TV commercial for toy trains uploaded by a user or a toy train company, none of which we consider as Paid Ads, as they are not part of the YouTube Kids advertising program. Likewise, a search for chocolate can show a user-uploaded video on making chocolate fudge even though we do not allow paid Ads for chocolatiers. Learn more about Videos on YouTube Kids.

We will remove videos from the YouTube Kids app where the creator has notified us of a paid product placement or endorsement in their video through YouTube’s paid product placement and endorsement notification tools.

If you would like to watch videos free of paid ads with your child, try the YouTube Kids App with YouTube PremiumLearn more.

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