Videos in YouTube Kids

We’ve built the YouTube Kids app to be a family-friendly place for kids to explore their interests. Videos available in the app are determined by a mix of algorithmic filtering, user input and human review.

Videos on the homescreen are pre-selected content and go through an additional level of quality control via human review.

Videos discovered through Search and Recommended videos are selected by our algorithm without human review.

Though our system has been rigorously tuned and tested, no algorithm is perfect, and even a perfect algorithm isn't the same as your judgment. This means that it's possible that your child may find content in the app that you may not want your child to come across. If this happens, you can notify YouTube by flagging the video. We take these flags seriously and use them to improve the app for everyone.

For a more contained experience, you can turn off Search using Parental Settings.

When you turn search off, your child is limited to videos from a set of channels that have been verified by YouTube Kids. Please keep in mind that regardless of the settings for Search in your app, there is a chance that your child will find content that you don’t want them to watch. 


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