View Content ID & copyright claims

The information below is about the YouTube Studio mobile app. Learn more about Content ID and copyright claims on your computer or mobile device using the mobile site or YouTube app.

You can view information for Content ID claims and copyright takedowns on your videos in the YouTube Studio app.

Check Content ID & copyright claims

You can view copyright claim information in the YouTube Studio app:

  1. Open the YouTube Studio app .
  2. Tap Menu .
  3. To see videos with a copyright claim, choose one of the following places from the menu:
    • Individual videos (choose any video to see its details page)
    • Dashboard
    • Videos
  4. Any video that has information about a Content ID claim or copyright takedown will show a copyright icon .

Understanding the copyright icon

You may see different colored copyright icons in the YouTube Studio app depending on what type of claim has been issued against your video.

  • Blue copyright icon Video has a Content ID claim. If you upload a video that contains copyright-protected material, you could end up with a Content ID claim. Learn more about Content ID claims.
  • Red copyright icon : Video has been taken down due to copyright strike. If you get a copyright strike, that means your video has been taken down from YouTube because a copyright owner sent us a complete legal request asking us to do so. Learn how to resolve a copyright strike.

Need more help with Content ID or copyright questions?

Learn the copyright strike basics in the YouTube Help Center.

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