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Yellow monetization icons - more info and resources!

Below you’ll find more info and resources to help make sure your videos are correctly monetizing. We’ll continue to add to this list as we make improvements. If you haven't yet, check out how we're improving the technology behind our monetization icons.

  • Our automated ads systems run multiple scans to determine whether a given video meets our advertiser-friendly content guidelines. To get an early read on whether your content is likely to receive a yellow icon, you can check the monetization status before making the video public by uploading it as unlisted or private. We typically do an initial classification of the video within 2 hours after upload. Please bear in mind that a video's classification may change after publishing as the system continues to analyze more information from your video. We’re actively working to make this process happen faster.

  • If you have more than 10k subscribers, you can request a manual review of your unlisted or private video regardless of view count. Then, you can wait to publish the video until you’ve received an email update with the outcome of the review. We know this is difficult for some types of videos like breaking news, and we’ll continue improving our systems to minimize the need for appeals.

  • If you don’t have 10k subscribers or meet the human review thresholds, we understand it can be frustrating to see a yellow icon on your videos. Make sure you've reviewed our advertiser-friendly content guidelines, not just for the content of the video but also for the title, description, thumbnail and tags. If you make adjustments to the title, description or thumbnail, the system will take another look at the video within 24 hours (without having to request a manual review).

More resources:

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Frustrated user 100
Frustrated user 100
After 24 hours, I no longer have any reviews or earnings because my sign was "not suitable for most advertisers", after which I can freely delete the video ... .what should we do with 100 views in 7 days !!! ??? Goodbye to youtube.
Frustrated user 100
Frustrated user 100
I have a children's channel. I read fairytales for children and I'm recording it, on the day uploading 2-3 videos each have 100 views and have "not suitable for most advertisers" and what are I doing now !!! ???
Thanks for the info. I have been getting this issue for no reason and when I submit a review my videos always get re-monetized. But this is hurting my income and I do not understand why it is happening. I wish someone would tell me what in my video is getting flagged! There is just no reason why my videos get flagged! Also I don't even get emails when it happens, i always have to check the video manager!
Google user
Google user
your algorithm sucks, it flagged more than 50% of my videos without any reason (yeah i know because i am clearly aware of your advertiser friendly guidelines).
Now i cant even request for review because of your stupid 1000 view in 7 days requirement. you guys need to fix this automated system ASAP. sometime try to listen to someone who really uses your useless automated sys.
Google user
Google user
and BTW you are not improving it, actually you are messing it up. Do you guys really test it before you release it in the wild???
328 MORE
Good night,
I'm sorry, I want to ask about my youtube channel,
according to the provisions of the youtube that requires the channel to have 4000 hours of broadcast and 1000 subscribers,
it turns out my youtube channel has exceeded this limit, but until now my youtube channel cannot be monitized,
to I begged the youtube to review my channel so that it can be monitized immediately. for your attention I thank you.
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