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Ivan Z.

HTML5 for all videos -- when?

For me, it's a pity that I can't watch the following video in HTML5 in Firefox on ARM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SacL219sic&html5=True .
I'm especially interested in HTML5 video playback because I'm using Ubuntu on ARM (Toshiba AC100), and there is no Adobe Flash player provided for ARM.
Will HTML5 playback be available for all videos?
And when?
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Hi Ivan Z

I don't have an answer for you as to when HTML5 will be available for all videos.  I suppose it will be when the advertisement technology catches up.
I know they can put some kinds of advertisements on HTML5 videos already, but I don't know the full technology as to which ones and how.
Also - there will be the politics and legalities of it all.... Apple, Google, Microsoft, Google.... all of them.

As far as a work-around - sometimes the video can be viewed outside of YouTube in HTML5 using the YT embedded player versus the Flash player.
Probably because the advertising campaign on the video does not extend to 3rd party sites.
For example - on your sample video at:
I could embed that video to a 3rd party site - or even embed it to my desktop and run "File Protocol" and either would invoke the HTML5 player
since I not watching the video first hand at YouTube.
hot link example:
if the video in your physical location has no embed restriction or strong advertising campaign and no HTML5 restriction, then you should be able
to view the video legally in HTML5

Original Poster
Ivan Z.
Thanks, Klementine! That must be a very useful trick for teh users of ARM computers like me.
Dawid H
Dawid H
We are waiting when Youtube will be running by default in HTML5!
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