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Nanzie Zoe

How many copyright strikes to get youtube account banned/terminated?

I know the answer is 3 copyright strikes. But that's not exactly what i'm going to ask. I want to ask about this. 

So I got 1 copyright strike on my youtube channel and finally it expired after 6 months period. 
Now i'm copyright free and my youtube is on good standing.
After a while.. i finally got my another new copyright strike because of some reason.

The question is, 

1. Will the new copyright strike counted as second copyright strike? or will it counted as new first copyright strike because the old strike has expired? 

2. Is it safe to get another new copyright strike (not over than 3 strikes) when the old copyright strike has expired?


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Nimish Paradkar
Nimish Paradkar
Hi Nanzie,
Welcome to The Official YouTube Help Forum.

The earlier copyright strike that is now expired after 6 months won't be counted. If you get a new set of 3 strikes, you might get into trouble.

Also, to avoid this don't upload any copyrighted content in the first place.

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Nanzie Zoe
Hi Nimish!
Thank you for the helpful answer! 

Anyway, i have gmail account that have associated with 3 youtube channels in one gmail account.. from all of them, i got one terminated channel which lead the main channel (the gmail account) also suspended because it was associated with the terminated one. Unfortunately, i just deleted the terminated channel by accident. 

Is there still a way to appeal termination when the terminated channel has been deleted? Actually It's okay for me to lost my terminated channel, but the problem is i just want my gmail account access back.. it always said that i'm unable to access google products when i sign in to youtube with the gmail account that associated with the terminated channel. Anyway, my other 2 channels are still exist eventho the gmail account has suspended from youtube.
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