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Tony Darker

5.1 sound in Youtube

Does Youtube support 5.1 audio? If so, how do I make my browser to play it in real 5.1 ?

There are several rumours like:
- Youtube converts everything uploaded to stereo
- Chrome will not play Youtube in 5.1
- Chrome can play Youtube in 5.1 if you start it with: "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-audio-output-resampler --try-supported-channel-layouts
- The only browser, that can play Youtube in 5.1 is Firefox

The trouble is, that people often do not know, what they actually hear. It can be, that their receiver is upmixing the stereo sound to surround and they do not notice it. It also can be, that they believe they hear all 5.1 speakers, but the sound comes from front left and front right speakers only. They complain, that the SW sound is missing and in fact they never place their ear to the Center speaker to discover that there is actually no center sound either. 

In my case, whatever I tried I could not play Youtube in 5.1
When I play this file downloaded, it plays 5.1. But I cannot play the stream in 5.1, it is only stereo.
If Youtube does not support 5.1 what is the point to upload this Surround Sonud Test anyway? 

I have setup the speakers in Control panel to 5.1 (I can play downloaded files in 5.1)
I tried Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
I tried Chrome (even with above fix-command)
I tried Firefox
I tried Kodi Youtube add-on

Nothing worked with Youtube streamed audio 5.1.

I would like to have the Youtube official answer to this question to be able to kill all the wrong rumours.

Thank you.

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Tony Darker
OK. This is actually one of the rumours I described... With all respect to you, who are you MadFranco008, that can tell this for sure? Do you have connections to Youtube? Has anyone from Youtube told you this? Do you have tools to analyze the uploaded files and see that they are stereo only? 
And most impotently: why are there so many DTS and DD 5.1 sound tests (not to mention 10.2 sound and more) uploaded to Youtube, if nobody can use them?
What if the files are uploaded (and kept) in 5.1 but for some reason (or on some condition) they are downmixed to stereo when they are streamed to you?

I would gladly accept what you say and get rid of all the pain trying, but I have trouble to accept all the waist and the damage Youtube does to these valuable files.
Google user
Google user
The 5.1 thing may be true but Firefox does make use of all my speakers as opposed to Chrome which only uses the two frontal ones for any kind of media, either from a website or opened directly. 

I love Chrome but i never play media in it unless i'm using headphones.
Vincent Luong
Vincent Luong
3rd party (non-YouTube) sources that test 5.1 surround seem to work in Chrome.  YouTube videos in Chrome that have spatial audio for VR also make use of my 5.1 speakers.  Guess that's how they designed YouTube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Insane Francis is correct.

At present YT do not re-encode videos (and yes every video is re-encoded) to carry 5.1 audio. 

Whilst this may happen in the future, IT IS NOT CURRENT PRACTICE.

Given that the tendency is to move to playback on mobile devices (in many ways audience-led), the fact that these are overwhelmingly stereo in nature is likely to make 5.1 audio lower in priority.
Norman Grant
Norman Grant
how do i adjust sound?
How do I get 5.1 from dts on YouTube 
It's not the case...
Try this simple test
Play a video in mobile with the YouTube app...
Chromecast it to your receiver...
Play sample hd video with 5.1 or did etc..
You will feel the difference
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Tony Darker
Dear Priyabe.
We are discussing 5.1 sound.
When you play a video in a mobile, you probably have one or at the most two lousy speakers or two earphones. So how can you talk about 5.1 sound?

Of course, if you play audio from a receiver, it will always sound much better, than from a mobile. But this is not discussed here.
Question Man
Question Man
I'm more interested in the kbps of so-called 5.1 videos as opposed to stereo. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en says that recommended bitrates for stereo and 5.1 are 384 kbps and 512 kbps, respectively. Now does this mean that even if YouTube doesn't actually support 5.1., as people claim in this thread, that it will encode 5.1 in a higher bitrate than stereo videos? And are these recommended bitrates the actual bitrates that YouTube encodes its videos, or just the bitrates it recommends for uploading?
Question Man
Question Man
I should have written "Now does this mean that even if YouTube doesn't actually support 5.1., as people claim in this thread, it will encode 5.1 uploaded videos to stereo in a higher bitrate than videos uploaded in stereo..." The reason I ask is taht I want to get the best sound possible for my videos.
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Same here with my Samsung TV but Chromecast and shield TV only play 2.0. Now follow life line on YouTube and for good sound I must play it on the TV app.
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