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Kitties Mama

:( Content ID match on iMovie sound loop

I am pretty much shocked right now.  I have been using iMovie sound clips and music for several months with no problems.  I uploaded a new video today and got a match Content ID message.

I used an iMovie sound clip, which should, according to iLife's policy, be able to be used for commercial purposes:

Do I now have a strike on my record?!

The song it is matching is
Miloni, Manganiello - Zombies
which I looked it up and it is the same music that comes with iMovie that is called
"Spacey Club"

Is there a list somewhere of music you should stay away from even if you have commercial rights to use it?

I have disputed it, but how long does this dispute process take?
Is there anything else I can do?
Does this mean I can never monetize this video?

I am NEVER using this music clip again, I thought I was safe using music that is royalty free and commercial use ok.  :( 

The Entity is Believe

Should I contact them?
This is so frustrating!  Ugh!
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Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart

I'm Researching this Growing Problem.

 A LOT of "Musicians" (Don't Know if this "Musician" is one Yet") are Copyrighting SLIGHT Variations of songs and loops on Purpose to Fool The Content ID System! I'll first show you the problem by this  EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of how the YouTube Content ID System was fooled by a band simply copying and changing ONE WORD in the Vintage "Ball Busters Commercial" One word was changed, the LAST WORD!

Even though the Ball Buster Commercial is from 1974
DECADES Earlier than UNKLE Released "Song",  THIS Remake which they ADMIT is Identical! One long Sound "Sample" with the Last Word "Mego" Run Backwards!

The "UNKLE" Band "SONG" is  """"Getting Ahead In the Lucrative Field of Artist Management"""" <<<<< Look at the Song Name! They are making a Mockery of YouTube's Content ID System and they ARE NOT the only ones!

It's going to be a Terrible News event for YouTube's Content ID System if the Word Gets out, Blogs like TechDirt will be all over this like Feasting Jackals.

The Name of the UNKLE Song intentionally shows the Purpose!

This Vintage "Ball Buster" Commercial is FAMOUS for being a fail toy commercial! Look at all the YouTube URL's Raking in MILLIONS of Views And 10s of Thousands of Dollars in Advertising Income!

None of these innocent YouTube users "Misappropriated" the UNKLE SONG. The Song "Fooled" YouTube's Content ID System.  ( Now the innocent posters Likely have a "Strike" of Some Sort because of it!)

It's SICK that SO MANY "Musicians" are Jumping on this "Financial Gravy Train" right now, and I suspect that you are in the same problem.

Some of 30+ Ball Buster Vintage Commercial URL's


I'm in the Toy Design Field and have been tracking down the rights holders to that commercial. The copyright was properly Filed and Mego has been sold ten times. It's likely owned by Hasbro. Toy companies have the best attorney's in the world too! 

But Back to your Problem

Miloni & Manganiello - Zombies
From Release: [Nickolas Minimal Sound]
Label: Rossovivo
Date: 11.26.10
Play Length: 01:09

Call Apple Support and tell them. Apple released that song publicly before they did ( Look at the Date!) When did YOU get your Copy of Imovie???

 Tell Apple that a 3rd Party is Claiming Copyright ownership to a GarageBand Jingle Loop and they are Seeking Income from it on YouTube . Have the Artist's Name and information ready, Have your URL.
I'm certain that Apple's Attorneys will not be too happy or forgiving!

Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart
Here is the Exact Loop in a YouTube Video 10 MONTHS Ago!

Another YouTube Video 11 MONTHS AGO!

YouTube show have a Blanket Policy of BANNING Anyone or Company from YouTube or Adsense that Misrepresents a song to earn unjustified income from it!
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Kitties Mama
Oh wow, I just assumed that the artist allowed iMovie to use the music clip.  :(  Even if I contact Apple, I doubt it would solve the issue with my video. 

Shouldn't I contact Believe Digital since that is the Entity that holds the claim on it?  Tell them an artist they represent is reselling/distributing an iLife sound clip?  I understand the bigger picture here and I agree it's awful for an "artist" to do that but I just want this claim off of it and I want to be able to monetize this video like all the rest of my videos.
Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart
Do Not Contact the "Alleged" Rights Holder! Contact Apple Support! Send YouTube Partner support this Information and this thread! Garage Band Loops can be used commercially. That's all I use!

Give Apple Support and YouTube Partner Support all this!

Mike Mozart of the JeepersMedia Channel on YouTube.
Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart
DO NOT Contact them Publisher. Contact Apple. The publisher may get your contact info and threaten you with Attorney's Letters!

Apple's Attorney's are OUTSTANDING!
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Kitties Mama
YouTube sent me a response:

Thank you for your message. YouTube's Content Identification system has
identified copyright content in your video and applied the content owner's
policy to it. To learn more about the Content ID system and what this
means, see

Specifics of the policy applied to your video are in the Content ID
Matches section of your YouTube account at: 

If you believe that this claim was made in error, you may contact the
rights holder directly.

The email address that we have on file for Believe is:

Please note that YouTube does not mediate copyright disputes.

We unfortunately are unable to assist further in this matter.

I'm contacting the Entity directly about it, I have used an email that doesn't have any personal information attached to it. So we'll see what happens, I'll let you know.
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