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creating a video on demand iptv channel in zambia with youtube services

I am media manager sitting on the capabilities to create actual network quality television programs but my countries broadcasting networks are filled with bureaucratic "Red-Tape" and corruption. Also occurring in my country, at the same time, is a rapid rise in internet usage (100% growth in the last two years) and rapid-drop in access fees for 3G and other high speed networks (e.g $ 40 for 2GB access @ 3MB speeds). Me and my colleagues have noticed that there is a strong market for an IPTV network in my nation and immediate creation could lead to the start of a good innovation.
At the moment we are looking to see if YouTube can facilitate the broadcast of original network quality television programs (e.g sitcoms, talk shows, dramatic productions, reality based television, news shows and so on..). In this light we need to also ask if there is any way to get custom advertising space on the border of the video space, leaving Google's space of the pop-up adverts and side adverts as those are part of the Google business model.
The main aim of such a venture is to run a YouTube channel as if it is a national broadcasting channel with various television programs and televised events. The business model will contain the same model as a television program with adverts and hopefully flash ads and network sponsors for each program so we can have an edge by letting people watch the television programs for free as we will be creating our own shows (the quality will be of a good standard). The industry in my country is moving far too slow and my media group is looking to create a new model based on the growth IPTV.
We are hoping to be able to use YouTube to create a Video On Demand channel that has our original content for people to view while we have a flash advert space around the borders of the video space. In looking to start an internet TV channel i had discovered the Veoh service is not available in my country and that service is basically what I am looking for. A service the allows you to screen unscheduled full-length television programs of your own creation and allows you to group them in the shows and also allows you to brand the tv channel as you please. This is what is entailed in the VeohPro service. The programs I am looking to broadcast are pre-recorded and unscheduled programs (not live and scheduled broadcasts), so i am looking for an upload space that can act like the Veoh service due to its unavailability in my nation. With YouTube being internationally available and a viewership analytical service attached to each video, I was wondering if such service was possible on YouTube and if these were premium priced services how much is the cost because cost is not an issue for us. its is merely the broadcast capabilities we are mainly worried about. We are also looking at all the in-built google marketing tools that can be used to get the channel through to as many people as possible.
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I think the closest thing YouTube offers is Brand Channels, you could talk to them and see if what you are proposing is possible. It sounds like a good idea.

There is a link at the bottom of the page below that you can get in touch with them directly.

The problem about YouTube for your project would be that there is no standarized way of watching the videos directly on TV sets. If you are looking to create a true quality television network, perhaps the IPTV model based on dedicated Set-Top Boxes would work much better for you, both in terms of technical strategy and marketing/branding.

FrontLayer currently works by integrating custom branded IPTV channels to popular OTT (Over-the-Top) video platforms like Roku (www.roku.com). What this basically means is that you can distribute (or "stream") your content, both pre-recorded VoD and Live feeds, directly to your end-user's TV sets, without them requiring a computer, at up to 1080p quality. In other words, you are delivering true TV experience, even comparable to satellite or cable services, but at a fraction of the cost, since you are using Internet as your transport.

You might find the following link useful in getting to know how this works:

If you need any technical information or if you have questions, either related or not to this suggestion, please let me know, and I'll be glad to help.

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