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You Tube app on all Samsung D series smart TVs stopped working

I own a 2011 model Samsung UA40 D6600 smart TV/firmware version 1025.0. One of the main reasons for this set buying was to easily watch You Tube videos on a big screen. The app has worked fine up until this last weekend...now it freezes at the opening You Tube logo...previously it would scan across horizontally below the logo from left to right before opening. App was linked to my account and I could easily access all the videos saved to my favourites.
I spoke with Samsung NZ today and they said "this is an issue that has been brought to our attention and seems to be affecting all the D series TV's in the country"
I asked was there a fix being looked at and the reply was "Yes I believe that process has already started but at this stage it is entirely in the hands of the Google Application Development team. It is not likely they will be relaying the resolution on to us unfortunately since the resolution will involve updating their servers and not the TV's firmware"
Can anyone please confirm whether this is something that Google are aware of and if there is likely to be a fix forthcoming whereby I can use this app again on my TV?
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I lot of people are having this issue. I did some digging around and was able to isolate the (possible) source of the issue:
----quote from another thread----
I did some network traffic analyzing and I think I found the source of the issue.
The youtube ¨app" on the TV is nothing more than a loader of a webpage.
It's purpose is to load http://www.youtube.com/leanbacklite and display it.
If you click this link with a browser you will see the familiar interface.
However our app does a request with some more details for the youtube server.
It requests the URL: http://www.youtube.com/leanbacklite?action_get_js&vendor=samsung
If you click it you will see the cause of the app malfunction. The URL generates an error at the YouTube server. So our TV doesn't know what to do with it.
Long story short, Samsung cannot fix this. The malfunction is caused by the youtube server. Please youtube fix this!!!
Rhock Hound
Rhock Hound
Same problem in Germany with Samsung Ue55d8090 with the Firmware 1031.1 (TV) and the Version 1.059 (YouTubeapp).
Can't download newer versions of both. Both "up to date".
Please fix this.
Noel Gabriel
Noel Gabriel
same problem in US.. I am not able to get to Youtube app on Samsung TV
Google user
Google user
Same exact issue on my UN55D6900
Andreas Goertz
Andreas Goertz
Interesting.. so it's basically just a framework to load the flash gui. I wonder why they don't use the more modern https://www.youtube.com/tv instead of the leanbacklite.
BTW some people reporting of a youtube app update rolling out to their tv sets, soo looks like they're active on that issue.
Google user
Google user
The same with me.
Had to update my YouTube app yesterday because it was not working anymore.
Now it is working again, but now I have to sign in every time I start it.
Version of YouTube app now is 1.041 Samsung Smart TV is UN46D7050
Hope they can fix this, because its really annoying.
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