Mention channels in video titles & descriptions

Mentions let you include the name or handle of another channel in your video’s title or description. When you mention another channel, they’ll get a notification in their inbox – learn more.

The mention of your channel name or handle in someone else’s video doesn’t increase the likelihood of their video appearing to your fans.

Mention another creator

To add a mention when you’re creating or editing the video title or description:

  1. Type the "@" symbol followed by a channel name or handle.
  2. Choose the channel name or handle from a recommended list.

You can mention as many creators as you want as long as their names fit within the character limit.

When viewers tap a mention, a creator info panel will enter from the bottom of the screen. This panel will share info about the channel, including a description and their latest videos.

Find mentions of your channel

  1. Open the YouTube app .
  2. Tap the Notification bell at the top of your screen.
  3. Choose the Mentions tab.
Get collaboration tips for creators.

Change mention notifications

Not every mention triggers a notification. Important ones, like when a creator with a similar number of subscribers mentions you, will notify you.

For more on managing notifications, check out Manage YouTube notifications.

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