Changes to the YouTube Verification program

September 20, 2019

On September 19th, we announced changes to the verification program. We tried to make improvements to this program, and we’re sorry for the frustration this caused. We’ve heard your feedback and we’re making changes based on what you’ve told us. 

What’s happening with channel verification?

We won’t remove verification based on the criteria we announced yesterday. If you received an email that your channel will no longer be verified, you no longer need to submit an appeal. You’ll keep verification on your channel.

As always, we’ll still remove verification if we find that a channel is attempting to impersonate another creator or brand. If you change your channel's name, the renamed channel won’t be verified and you’ll need to reapply.

Is the verification badge changing?

We’ll hold off on changing the look of the verification badge. Official Artist Channels will also keep the music note during this process. We won’t change the look of the badge anytime before January 2020.

Moving forward

In the future, we’ll restart the verification application process for channels with 100,000 subscribers starting at the end of October. Creators without verification will be able to apply for verification.

We’ll also look at additional factors to make sure bad actors impersonating other channels don’t get verified. If we find that a channel that is determined to impersonate another individual or group, they may lose the badge. Learn more about our verification eligibility criteria.

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