See how many subscribers can get notifications

Use the Subscriber bell notifications card on the Audience tab of YouTube Analytics to learn what percent of your subscriber base can get notifications from your channel. This card will automatically appear when you have enough reachable subscribers.For help with notification problems, check out the notifications troubleshooter.

View subscriber notification metrics

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left menu, select Analytics.
  3. Select Audience.
  4. Find the “Subscriber bell notifications” card.

Learn about subscriber notification metrics

The “Subscriber bell notifications” card gives you an idea of what percent of your subscribers can receive all new video notifications from your channel.

The card does not update with the date selector — only your current percentages are available, and update daily. Bear in mind that changes to these metrics will likely be gradual as your channel grows.

Subscribers who turned on “All notifications” for your channel

By default, viewers will only get personalized notifications when they subscribe to a channel. If they choose to click the bell, they’ll get all new video notifications from your channel. New video notifications include new video uploads, premieres, and live streams. Learn more about notification options on YouTube.

The “Subscribers who turned on “All notifications” for your channel” metric represents the percent of your subscribers that have chosen to receive all notifications.

Subscribers who turned on “All notifications” for your channel and enabled YouTube notifications

YouTube viewers can control their YouTube notifications in many places. The “Subscribers who turned on “All notifications” for your channel and enabled YouTube notifications” metric tells you what percent of subscribers have turned on all notifications for your channel, and have notifications enabled for their YouTube account and device.

If subscribers ring the bell for your channel, but turn off YouTube notifications for their account or mobile app as a whole, they will not count towards this metric. Subscribers that “enabled YouTube notifications” are signed in and can receive notifications on at least one device. These subscribers have turned on account notifications either:

  • On desktop under Settings and then Notifications and then Channel subscriptions OR
  • On mobile under Settings and then Notifications and then Subscriptions

and have also enabled YouTube notifications on at least one device:

  • For computers, turn on Settings and then Notifications and then Desktop notifications
  • For mobile devices, make sure YouTube app notifications are enabled within your device’s settings

Typical on YouTube

Beneath each subscriber notification metric, you’ll see a “Typical on YouTube” range. Half of all channels on YouTube are within this range.

Ranges are provided to give high level context for this new metric. Performing outside these ranges is not necessarily a sign of bad performance. Many successful channels are below these ranges for a variety of reasons.

Watch to learn about subscriber metrics

Check out the following video from the YouTube Creators channel for an explanation of these metrics.

Were Notifications Sent to My Subscribers?


What does ”turned on “All notifications” for your channel” mean?

There are a few different versions of the bell to help viewers understand the different types of YouTube notifications:

  •  All: Subscribers will get all notifications from your channel, except notifications that exceed daily limits.
  • Personalized: Subscribers will get a customized subset of notifications from your channel.
  • None: Subscribers will see this version of the bell if they can’t get notifications from your channel due to their device settings.

The “Subscribers who turned on “All notifications for your channel” metric does not include subscribers who choose to get personalized notification or those who turned off notifications from your channel in their Subscriptions manager or Channel settings. Learn more about settings that impact notifications.

How do I get my viewers to subscribe to all notifications from my channel?

Some viewers will not want to get all notifications from every channel they subscribe to. For some, all notifications can be overwhelming, and can lead to a viewer turning off notifications altogether.

Encourage your subscribers to choose the notification level that’s right for them. If you have viewers who want to get all notifications, but are having trouble receiving them, send them the notifications troubleshooter.

I’m below the “Typical on YouTube” range. Is that bad?

Subscribers who turned on “All notifications” for your channel

Many channels don’t fall in this range and still perform very well. Notifications are just one of many traffic sources for views (e.g., Up next, Home, search, external sources, Subscriptions feed). Different channels will see varying percentages of traffic from different traffic sources. A low percent of traffic from notifications is not necessarily a bad thing.

There are many factors that influence whether a subscriber wants all channel notifications all the time. Subscriber notification choice can be influenced by factors like upload frequency, video topics, other channel subscriptions, individual notification preference, etc.

Subscribers who turned on “All notifications” for your channel and enabled YouTube notifications

If you are within the typical range for subscribers who turned on all notifications for your channel, but below the range for those with notifications enabled, consider asking viewers to use the notifications troubleshooter. These viewers showed interest in getting all notifications by ringing the bell. They may not know that they’re unable to receive notifications.

Can I see my subscriber notification metrics for previous time periods?

The Subscriber bell notifications card only shows current metrics. Historical values are not available. 

Will my subscriber metrics increase immediately if I get new subscribers?

Subscriber metrics are updated daily, but have a 2 day delay. If you post a video on Monday and get new subscribers, they’ll be reflected in your metrics on Wednesday.
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