Best practices for content with children

We want creators to continue to have fun and be creative, but we ask that you follow our Community Guidelines. You should always be smart about the content that you post online, and ask for permission before you upload a video featuring someone to YouTube.

Anyone posting content with minors must do the following:

  • Respect privacy. Secure consent from the minor's parent or legal guardian before featuring them in your video. Make sure that their participation in your video is voluntary.
  • Moderate user comments on your videos. There are tools at your disposal to filter and review comments, and you can always flag comments to us for spam or abuse.
  • Manage your video's privacy and embed settings. You have several options to control who can view your video and how it's shared on external sites.

Please make sure that you understand and follow the law. You must comply with all the laws, rules and regulations related to working with minors. Some areas that you should know about are:

  • Permits: Review local laws and regulations to find out if minors in your videos need a permit, registration or licence to work. You should also know if you need a permit or authorisation to employ minors.
  • Wages/Revenue sharing: You must follow applicable laws around paying minors for their work. In some cases, you may be required to pay a wage to minors. In others, you may be required to provide a share of the revenue that you are making from the videos to the minors directly, or set aside a portion that is protected for the minor.
  • School and education: Participation of minors in your content must follow all applicable laws to protect from interference with adequate schooling and education.
  • Working environment, hours and breaks: The working environment must be safe for the minor. They must have time for rest, education and recreation each day. Minors should not work into the night. You should also follow all local laws for times of work and limits on hours worked every day/week.

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