Manage Super Chat & Super Stickers


Super Chat and Super Stickers are ways to monetize your channel through the YouTube Partner Program. These features let your viewers purchase chat messages that stand out and, in some cases, pin them to the top of a chat feed. Learn more about eligibility, and how you can turn on this feature

See purchased Super Chats & Super Stickers

Super Chats & Super Stickers show as colored chat messages in your chat feed. When a viewer makes a purchase, their profile picture can stay on top of the chat feed for a period of time that depends on their purchase amount. The more a viewer spends, the longer Super Chats or Super Stickers can stay at the top of the chat feed. 
You can see all Super Chat & Super Sticker purchases for the past 30 days at

See purchases

  1. Sign in to
  2. In the left menu, click Monetization.
  3. In the menu at the top of the main dash, click Supers.
  4. Your latest purchases will be in the Your Super Chat and Super Sticker activity
    • For all available purchase info, click See all.

Moderate Super Chats & Super Stickers

You can moderate Super Chats & Super Stickers the same way you moderate Live chat messages.

Revenue reporting

You can see revenue reports in the YouTube Analytics > Transaction Revenue Report. You'll receive Super Chat & Super Sticker revenue in the same way that you receive ads revenue with AdSense.
Small things, like saying "thanks," can help you build your audience quickly with Super Chat. Get more advanced tips in the Creator Academy lesson now. 
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