Remove MCN access from your channel

If you're an affiliate creator and you believe your contract with your MCN allows you to do so, you can start the process to remove MCN access from your channel.

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left menu, click Settings .
  3. Click Channel and then Click the Advanced settings tab.
  4. Scroll down and click Status and Features.
  5. Click Remove access (this button was previously named "Request to unlink").
  6. You'll see a pop-up screen​ indicating that MCN access will be removed within 30 days or less.
Important: If you leave an MCN, you need to set up monetization and link your account to AdSense to continue to earn money and get paid.

What happens when I click to remove my MCN’s access but my contract hasn't expired?

Before clicking to remove access, you should review your contract terms with your MCN. If you're still under contract with your MCN, removing access may not release you from any legal obligations, and doing so may put you in violation of your contract. Affiliate channels that are unsure what those obligations are may wish to discuss it with their MCN or their own legal counsel.

Why is YouTube making this change?

As a platform, YouTube has no visibility into contractual arrangements a creator may have with any third party. Our role is to give tools enabling third-party access to creator accounts as approved by those creators; we do not manage contractual relationships between MCNs and their affiliates. This feature update gives more flexibility to creators in determining who has access to manage their revenue, content, and data on YouTube.

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