Create a Community post

Community posts can give you more reach on YouTube and greater engagement with your audience. Learn more about Community tab benefits and eligibility.

Note: Community posts are disabled if a channel’s audience is set as made for kids. Learn more about setting your audience.

Create a post

Follow these steps to create a Community post.

  1. Tap Create  and then Post.
  2. In the box at the top:
    • Type a message to create a text post or to add text to an image, GIF, or poll.
    • Choose to create a poll  or image post.
  3. Select Post.

Share a video in a post

Follow these steps to share a video in a Community post.

  1. Go to the video that you want to share.
  2. Tap Share Share and then Share....
  3. Tap Create a post.
  4. Type your message and tap Post or Send.

Share a playlist in a post

Follow these steps to share a playlist in a Community post.

  1. Open the playlist you want to share.
  2. Select More  and then Share.
  3. Tap Copy link.
  4. Tap Create  and then Post.
  5. Paste in the playlist URL and tap Post.

Create a live stream post

  1. From the home screen, tap Record Video camera.
  2. Tap Live and then Public and then Next.
  3. Choose a title, then tap Next.
  4. Select a thumbnail for the post.
  5. Choose the broadcast orientation by turning your device to landscape or portrait view (make sure rotation is enabled on your phone).
  6. Tap Share and then Create a post.
  7. Add post text, then select Post.
  8. Tap Go Live.
  9. To end the stream, tap Finish.

Mention other channels in a post

You can mention other YouTube channels in your Community posts on a computer by entering @ followed immediately by the channel name. The channel may get a notification that you’ve mentioned them. Viewers can click on the mention from any device and go directly to that channel page.

Learn about types of posts

Text posts

To create a text post, enter your message in the text box on the Community tab of your channel. You can post your text by itself, or with a video, image, or GIF. Text posts can’t be combined with polls.

Playlist posts

If you have Community posts enabled, you can post playlists from artists that you enjoy. Copy and paste the playlist URL into your post.

Image and GIF posts

If you choose to upload an image  with your post, you’ll be asked to select an image or animated GIF from your mobile device. Previews of image posts are displayed with a 1:1 aspect ratio. Viewers can click to expand an image to see the full image.

Only use images that you have permission to use. You can also include text content with your image post. Keep in mind that all images must follow YouTube Community Guidelines.

Video posts

On mobile devices, you can share videos directly in your Community tab.

When you create a post that shares a video by another creator, a notification may be sent to the original uploader of the video. This notification helps creators acknowledge when other creators are sharing their videos.

Note: Community posts about a video already in a viewer’s Subscription or Home feed might not show again. This prevents your viewers from seeing the same video repeatedly.


If you choose to add a poll to your post, you’ll be asked to:

  1. Enter a question in the text field.
  2. Enter answers in the "Add option" fields.
  3. If you need more answer fields, click +Add another option and enter the questions and answers.

Note: Poll options can be 65 characters max. Open the YouTube iOS app and sign in to YouTube to follow the instructions.

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