Video previews

Video previews let viewers see a 3-second preview of your video before watching. They give a better browsing experience and can engage viewers by helping them find videos that they want to watch.

When a viewer hovers over a video's thumbnail, they'll see a 3-second preview. After the preview plays, viewers see the video's thumbnail.

Eligibility & viewing criteria

Viewers can watch previews on the Home, Subscriptions, and Trending tabs. They can also see them on watch pages and in search results. Previews are only available on select computer browsers (Chrome versions 32 and up and Opera version 19 and up). Video previews aren't currently available on mobile devices.

Video previews are available for most videos that are longer than 30 seconds. They're automatically turned on for eligible videos. They may not be added to all videos that are longer than 30 seconds.

We use several criteria, including video topic and content, to determine what videos can have previews. If you don't see a preview for a video within two days, the video isn't currently eligible.

Use video previews

Video previews are automatically turned on for eligible viewers and videos — you don't need to do anything to get them. Our system automatically selects a clip from the first half of the video to show.

Even if a video has a preview, you should still customize your video thumbnails. Thumbnails are seen when the video preview isn't active.

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