A trademark is a word, symbol or combination that identifies the source of a product and distinguishes it from other products. A trademark is acquired by a company or other entity through a legal process. Once it's been acquired, it gives the owner exclusive rights to the trademark use concerning those goods.

Trademark infringement is improper or unauthorised use of a trademark in a way that is likely to cause confusion as to the source of that product. YouTube policies prohibit videos and channels that infringe trademarks. If your content uses someone else's trademarks in a way that might cause confusion, your videos can be blocked. Your channel may also be suspended.

If you think that your trademark is being infringed, keep in mind that YouTube doesn't mediate trademark disputes between creators and trademark owners. As a result, we strongly encourage trademark owners to speak directly with the creator who posted the content in question. Contacting the uploader may fix the problem faster in a way that benefits everyone. Some creators list ways that they can be contacted in their channel.

If you can't reach a resolution with the account holder in question, submit a trademark complaint through our Trademark complaint form. 

Submit a trademark complaint

YouTube is willing to perform a limited review of reasonable complaints and will remove content in clear cases of infringement. To help solve disputes, YouTube forwards each trademark complaint to the uploader before taking any action. This lets the uploader address any potential Trademark issues. 

We'll also accept free-form trademark complaints submitted by email, fax and mail.

If your complaint relates to the sale or promotion of counterfeit goods, please file a counterfeit complaint.

If your complaint relates to a protected work, such as a song, movie or book, please file a copyright complaint.



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